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You'll find the best selection of online casinos in the United States and the full info on how we choose the best legal gambling sites.

If you are reading this article, you must be interested in finding the best online casino for you. Of course, it should be available in the USA. Is it possible? Absolutely. The knowledge and experience gained over the years by our experts allowed us to define the central question of interest. Spoiler alert: we already have the answers for you.

Best rated online casinos

However, we understand that you are here to get more detailed info about gambling in the United States, and you can find it below. We described the most crucial aspects, including the strategy of picking the best company, loyalty programs, and the ways to cash out.

How to choose the best casino? A step-by-step guide.

Our experts developed their strategy, which allows picking the top sites and creating unbiased ratings for casinos. Reviewing and analyzing every aspect of the work of all companies is a time-consuming and diversified process, but some factors matter most. If you want to conduct your research, please, focus on these aspects:

  1. The reputation. Is a platform worth it? The easiest way to find out is to read the reviews written by the gamblers who have already played at least a few games offered by this service provider. Of course, you will hardly find at least one company without any negative reviews (this is the Internet gambling, an exceptional business, and people who didn’t win usually prefer to blame a casino, not the wrong strategy or bad luck). Still, even if a few gamblers wrote that the site is illegal, or that they couldn’t cash out, or that the game is of low quality, that’s a reason not to join it.
  2. Payment systems, the period of withdrawal. Experienced players know that online casinos provide lots of ways to deposit money. However, things aren’t that simple when it comes to cashing out. Therefore, this is one of the crucial things to take into account. Another critical question to ask is: how long does it take to get your earnings? Certain systems like PayPal usually work faster than other ones, but waiting for your money for months is a reason not to choose this casino.
  3. Game selection. Do you like slots? You can find lots of USA-friendly sites with a huge number of slot games, for instance, videos slots, series slots, and the games which have already become classics like table games. The more excellent games casino offers, the better the gambling experience is.
  4. The legality. Free signup and various rewards matter, but it is crucially important to check a company’s license. Trusted casinos have multiple licenses. MGA and the UK Gambling Commission are still the most reliable authorities.
  5. Loyalty program. The last but not the least thing to consider when picking one of the online casinos is the bonus system. Quality websites usually offer lots of bonuses (welcome, daily, game of the day, and so forth.).

It may be useful to learn how to choose the best new online casinos in the USA.

So now you know where to start. Let’s analyze each of the aspects in more detail to make sure that you can find great American online casinos without any difficulty.

Types of online casinos

The competition among casino operators is becoming fierce. Moreover, it is expected to intensify further. How do the companies attract new customers?

Well, there are a lot of more or less effective strategies that allow them to stay afloat. Lots of sites narrow their target audience by choosing a specific niche that will attract more loyal gamblers. Other companies, in turn, choose a fundamentally different strategy and provide players with an opportunity to play any games on one site. Which casinos to pick? It’s up to you. Our mission is to provide you with in-depth info about all types of casino gambling sites.

  • No download casinos. Such casinos are on the rise and no wonder – newcomers and professionals appreciate instant play mode for a few reasons:
    • the high quality of slots;
    • no need to download games;
    • the advanced security system makes gambling 100% safe. However, it has its cons too. Keep in mind that even though top-rated online casinos provide gamblers with an opportunity to enjoy their favorite games on any devices and without any limitations, you still need to install the last version of Flash player to play on most platforms. Aside from that, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary to get started: create an account, provide relevant info about yourself and play for free or try luck in money plays.
  • Download casinos. If you like the old-school platforms with download versions of the classy games, users can still see them on the web. It should also be emphasized that old-school doesn’t necessarily mean outdated. A lot of them have everything a right casino is supposed to have, including online gambling licenses and a wide selection of various games you can play.
  • Mobile casinos. Mobile devices are gradually replacing PCs and laptops, and the owners of Internet casinos understand this well. That is why most of them develop mobile apps with lots of slots in the collection. Moreover, nearly all providers have a mobile-optimized version of the official website.
  • VR casinos. The future is already here. Do you know that virtual reality has more to offer to the lucky owners of HTC Vive or Oculus? Beat Saber, The Lab, and other popular VR games are fantastic, but lots of people don’t know that the headset can also be used to get a new, better experience. Just think about it: you can play poker, drink some virtual shots, and have a small talk with a croupier without leaving your home.
  • Live casinos. If you are a card games fan, if you like communication with other players in real-time, if you feel like playing with a PC is not exciting enough, choose live casinos or the sites wherewith the live mode.

Cash deposits and withdrawal

Another matter of crucial importance is the payment methods.

So, you’ve found the best casino for you. So, you’re ready to play. But what about money? The good news is you can pay in the US currency in popular online casinos. But before you sign up, please, read the terms and conditions to learn everything about the payment options.

Of course, we’re all looking for a casino with huge bonuses and fastest payouts, but it’s not so easy. Even though most casinos accept bank card payments, you’d better use another method.

Most reliable and 100% secure companies let the players deposit and cash-out by using such well-known payment systems as Skrill, good old PayPal, and Neteller. You can also use your bank card if you want to. Please note that there are the limits that most platforms set, so if you win a lot, you will hardly turn it to a few cases full of cash immediately.

All gamblers also need to make sure that the website uses the latest and the most effective security systems and that your financial data is safe.

The games

All top-rated USA casinos provide players with an opportunity to choose from a wide. We mean a wide variety of old and new games.

Of course, there are the companies that narrow their target audience by offering certain types of games, but it’s our experience that there is a big chance that you’ll get bored of it one day.

That’s why we mostly choose the websites which have online slots (a lot of various slots, actually), Video Poker, Table Games, Progressive Games, and Specialty Games.

Of course, you can choose a casino with live mode only if you want to enjoy the real-time gambling experience, but if you’re going to try something new, bear in mind that this rapidly developing industry has much more to offer.

Online gambling laws in the U.S.

If you’re going to play at online casinos in the USA, you need to know a few important things to avoid negative consequences.

We guess that we won’t surprise anyone by saying that the most significant things that stop adult users from America from gambling for money or fun are gambling restrictions. So are Internet casinos illegal? Well, things aren’t so bad.

There are a few nuances you need to bear in mind, but the core message is that if you are an American citizen, you can enjoy legal gambling.

So how does it work?

There is no federal law that prohibits the use of services provided by these websites for American players. One might argue that there are no such providers in the USA. Consequently, the online gambling industry is illegal within the country. Well, it’s also true.

So what’s going on? Why playing is legal and at the same time illegal? We’ll explain everything below.

The Wire Act, which is commonly considered to be the law that prohibits such an activity does not prohibit poker, various casino games, and lotteries. It is applied only to sports betting.

Another famous act, UIGEA, was also considered to be the law that will stop individuals from enjoying playing games online. Well, this never happened, and the reason is quite simple. According to this Act, processing of deposit to casino websites is illegal for banks, not for individuals. This, in turn, explains why there are no such companies in the USA, we mean on the territory of the country.

Nevertheless, it should also be emphasized that in some states, there are statutes that prohibit gambling. They, however, are often too old and not too clear. This business has changed a lot, and only a few states banned online gambling as it is now at the legislative level.

Moreover, it is not a crime for private persons to play in certified online casinos or even not so trusted casinos on the web. Still, we’d like to remind all gamblers that they are risking their money, so choosing random sites to play is not the best idea.

Still, we want to make it clear: you cannot start your own gambling company in America, but you can play as much as you want on the sites which are operated outside the country.

Bonuses and promotions

This information is essential to the new players. But even if you are an experienced gambler who knows everything about online casino promotions, you may find some new info that will help you to earn more.

It’s not a secret that most casinos develop generous loyalty programs to attract new gamblers. Does it mean that the companies give away their money to everyone ready to spend a few minutes setting up an account? Of course, it’s not.

So if a casino doesn’t let you withdraw the promised $200 bonus right after you create a profile, can we assume that such special offers are nothing but a honey trap or even a scam? Well, that’s not exactly true either.

The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. Our goal is to describe the rewards and the ways to turn them into US dollars in detail.

  • No deposit. No need to pay to win! What can make a newbie make his first bet? Of course, a real bonus that he gets even without depositing his hard-earned dollars. However, there are some significant aspects that all users need to consider. Firstly, you can’t get it twice, even if you log in on PC and smartphone. Secondly, you usually need to wager the bonus 5, 10, or 20 times to get cash. Is it possible? Absolutely. Just choose a reliable casino.
  • Referral bonuses. Friend referral is another great offer which allows gamblers to earn more. This bonus is often available after your friend makes his first deposit. Therefore, the more new clients you refer to, the bigger the bonus you get.
  • 1st or/and 2nd deposit bonuses. Free bonuses are a generous offer, and only the largest and the most reputable sites can afford this. Still, it’s not a reason to choose only the key players in the market. There are lots of new fast-growing casinos that have much to offer. The concept of such an offer is simple: you make your first deposit, get a nice bonus, wager it a few times, and get your money.
  • Exclusive bonuses: slots bonuses, daily bonuses, tournaments, etc. There is no limit to imagination, and marketers prove this: today, casinos offer hundreds of bonuses. Are you in the mood to play some games and make some bets this Monday? Get your special Monday bonus? Do you like slot games? The system will encourage you to play particular games by letting double or triple your bet!

So is the excellent loyalty program a reason to choose a casino? Yes, it is, the casino has to be 100% safe.


📌 What is the best online casino for US players?

Just look at the list of casinos recommended by our professionals if you want to save time you would spend on your research.

📌 Which casinos can I trust?

Looking for the best place to play? Make sure that a casino

  1. has proper licenses;
  2. is one of the top-rated companies with lots of most honest reviews written by real people;
  3. accepts players from the USA.

Analysis of different websites will take time, but it’s worth it, mainly because it is the only way to gamble safely.

📌 How to verify the legality of the casino?

Legit casinos are the companies that have the relevant licenses which enable them to carry out such activities. The info about a license can be found on the site, and we encourage all users to read it carefully before start playing.

📌 What is the best casino for new players?

If you a new to the sphere, we’d recommend to pick one of the most trusted online gambling sites for US players with lots of free casino games, generous welcome bonuses. You can find the top of best online casinos for Americans with the most generous bonus systems on our site.

📌 What is the best casino for real money?

If you are ready to spend some money to earn more, you need to find good casinos. What exactly does “good” mean? You need to find a legal platform with a perfect reputation and proper licenses. A player also needs to focus on such significant aspects as money withdrawal methods and loyalty programs. You can access the complete list of the highly recommended casinos here and read an in-depth expert review of each of them.

📌 What are the best casinos to play for free?

If you don’t want to risk your money, at least at the very beginning of your gambling career, choose safe online casinos for American gamblers that offer free spins. There are also exclusive bonuses that every player gets right after he signs up, even without depositing any amounts, and this is another excellent opportunity for the beginners to get started.

📌 What are the best live online casinos?

Are you looking for unique games and unforgettable gambling experience? Follow the link and check out our top list of online casino websites where you can start playing hundreds of live games from such incredibly popular games like blackjack and roulette to different types of poker. According to our experts, Slots of Vegas Casino is the best, and it’s No.1 in the list of the best rated online casinos in the USA.

📌 What is the best site to find US online casinos?

According to highly qualified professionals, is the best site to find the official, highest-rated online casinos with best loyalty programs, great support teams, and proper licenses. We stand for safe and responsible gaming, and you’ll never find any suspicious company in our lists of top websites.

📌 How to stop playing?

If you feel like it’s not a just your hobby anymore, if it leads to problems in a relationship, if you want to hide the very fact that you are playing, you might have a gambling addiction. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s just a problem to solve. If you want to stop, follow these steps:

  1. define the reason why you cannot control the impulse to play;
  2. find something that will bring you the same emotions but in a healthier way;
  3. don’t hesitate to ask your relatives and friends to help you;
  4. join Gamblers Anonymous.


So, are there legitimate sites for American players? Yes, there is. Some of them you can see in the list of websites created by our experts.

We hope that the information you received from this article will help you to search for safe companies on your own. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you!