Brand New Online Casinos [USA 2019]

On this page, you will find only the newest casinos sorted by rating from best to worst.

Everyone who has ever Googled new USA online casinos knows that the number of options is just enormous. New online gambling sites are launched every single month, and this number does not seem to decrease.

The question is how to know an excellent website that meets all your expectations. Some newbies search for a new USA online casino through trial and error, and we just cannot say this is a good strategy to use. All these people fall into two categories: those who are lucky enough to pick a random site and find out that it is a great option, and those who badly regret their decision. There is a much better strategy that relies on the careful analysis of specific criteria, and we listed the most significant of them below.

However, there is a simpler way

Our top experts have already analyzed the most fast-growing and promising new online casinos for USA players and have chosen the best of the best. They made sure that all our readers can just pick a random company on the list and enjoy the great online gambling experience.

Our specialists paid a lot of attention not only to the licenses, which are the primary reason to choose or not to choose a particular casino, but also to promotions, bonuses, and payouts. In our list of top new online casinos USA friendly, you will find the sites that offer the most generous welcome bonuses, including the non-deposit ones.

If you do not find the company you were looking for, just look through the most important criteria to consider when choosing an online gambling website. No matter which strategy you use, we hope our tips and recommendations are useful for newbies and pros seeking the best experience possible.

Things that we consider when choosing the best new online casinos for you

The biggest difficulty people face when searching for brand new online casinos is the lack of information on the new companies. Newbies and experienced gamblers who are looking for old and popular gambling platforms can read tons of reviews, seek the expert opinions, define major pros and cons of the site, compare and analyze the data, and then make their choice.

Well, we do not have such an opportunity when looking for a new yet fast-growing casino. That is why it is crucially important to consider the following aspects:

  • Bonuses & promotions. Why choose fast-growing platforms instead of good old casinos that have a good reputation? There are plenty of reasons, actually, and one of the most important of which is the generous loyalty program. They need to attract as many new gamblers as possible, and they need to invest in their client base, so why not search for the best offers and pick the most generous website? The most significant things to keep in mind when looking for great welcome bonuses are the legality of the casino, the wages, and the ways of withdrawal. Who needs a 1000 dollar bonus if he never gets it?
  • Game selection. Another thing that is supposed to meet your requirements is the selection of games offered by a new online casino. Do you like different types of games? Choose a casino that has them all. If you like playing slots, pick the site that has the best slot games ever. Pay attention not only to the number of games, but also to their quality.
  • Customer support service. The poor quality of customer support services often is the reason why players leave a particular website. Some might say that it is less important than, for instance, the games themselves, but it is not exactly true. Support matters a lot.
  • Legality. This is probably the most crucial thing to consider when searching for a trusted, new online casino. We believe that reading the info on the license is the first thing people need to do when reviewing a site. Please make sure you do that.
  • Payment methods & withdrawals. Pro gamblers know that most companies provide lots of ways to deposit money. However, it is not this easy when it comes to withdrawal. Make sure that there are at least a few payment methods, that minimum amounts are not too big, and that the period of withdrawal is not too long.
  • Design and interface. Are you looking for a platform to play a few games a few times and then leave it? If you are going to spend some more time on the site, you should not underestimate the importance of the interface and design. The good news is that new sites make every possible effort to make their platforms easy to use, but still, you need to make sure that you understand how the whole system works and that the site design is not annoying you.

Looking for a new USA online casino – Some novelties & nuances to consider

New online casinos have at least one significant advantage over the older competitors. It is much easier for them to use innovations and offer something unexpected, not classy, to their players.


The times when a gambler needed to go to the bank to make a deposit or get some cash are gone. Of course, the vast majority of modern casinos provide users with an opportunity to pay online. The good companies offer lots of payment methods, but only a few offer pay-by-phone depositing. Make sure that it is completely safe, and go ahead! A new casino is supposed to be modern and progressive.

No deposit offers

As mentioned, the competition in the market is very fierce. New sites are launched each month, and each of them needs to attract new users and turn them into regular customers. Why not use this to win more? There are lots of casinos that offer pretty generous no deposit bonuses with and without wagering requirements. Choose one of them on our list or do your research and choose the best option.

Casino games

Another great thing about a new online casino for USA players is a better selection of games. What exactly does it mean? Well, everything simple. This is directly related to the information mentioned above. New companies need to attract as many players as possible and try to offer them something that others cannot provide. That is why lots of them have free slots and super-new slots you cannot play anywhere else. Want to play Game of Thrones slots? No problem, you can find this and other great modern games in the casino listed on this page.

Pay attention to the software. It also matters a lot. Good and brand new online casinos that are available and legal in the US often use Booming Games, Rival, and RTG.


The last important nuance that is worth mentioning is the quality of customer support services. Please, do not underestimate it. Casinos, even the best ones, do not always work perfectly. All players who have ever faced any difficulties when withdrawing or depositing money know that there is nothing more annoying than waiting for response for days. Make sure that the support team knows how to solve the problems or just pick any of the casinos on our list – we have already tested them.

Final thoughts on new US online casinos

Are there trustworthy, fast-growing, new online casinos? Yes, and the number of such websites is constantly increasing. The only question is how to choose the best one. There are a lot of things to consider, from the number and quality of games to the software used by the platform. All of these criteria are equally important.

If you want to do your research, feel free to use the list of criteria above. If you want to save your time and spend it on something more pleasant, for example, on playing the excellent new slots, just take a look at the least of top new USA online casinos made by our experts.


📌 How many new online casinos are in the US?

Our experts have found and carefully reviewed 4 best new online casinos which are legal in the USA. All the companies listed above accept adult American players and offer a wide selection of various games. We recommend you to pick the highest rated casinos – they usually provide the best services.

📌 Are the online casinos listed here licensed?

Yes, all the casinos listed by our experts are licensed and legal within the USA. If you do not want to get in trouble with the state law (there is no federal law that would prohibit gambling), please feel free to choose any of the companies above. You can also double-check the licenses on the official sites.

📌 How often does a new casino launch?

New online casinos launch very often. It depends on a certain time period, but they usually emerge at least a few times a month. Of course, not all of them are trusted. That is why it is crucially important to pick an accredited and properly licensed company, not a casino that will get your money and then declare bankruptcy.

📌 What newest online USA casino has the best payouts?

You can find the new USA online casinos which have the best payouts in the market in our list. We carefully checked each of them to make sure that gamblers really can play, win, and withdraw their money. There are different offers, and each of them has its advantages. If you are looking for the best payout, just pick our number 1 casino.

📌 Can USA online casino be trusted?

There are lots of new online casino sites, but not all of them are trusted. Our experts have carefully reviewed all the fast-growing platforms that claim to be honest and fully accredited casinos. We have chosen only the companies that have indeed proved to be great online gambling websites.

📌 What information should I research about new casinos?

We recommend you to consider the following criteria:

  1. the legality and license;
  2. payouts;
  3. bonuses and promotions;
  4. payment and withdrawal methods;
  5. game selection;
  6. customer support;
  7. interface of the site.

The in-depth analysis of the site will take some time, but the result and sense of security are absolutely worth it.

📌 Is it safe to play with real money at new casino sites?

It depends on the casino you choose. We do not recommend you to deposit money in the casinos which do not have a license, do not offer any bonuses, do not provide top-quality support services or have bad payouts. To pick the best company, check out the list of the best platforms and pick the new online casino for USA players you like better (or just the number one in the list.) You can also do your own research, but please, pay attention to the criteria that we listed above.