PaySafe Card Online Casinos

Online Casinos That Still Accept PaySafe Card

Let’s talk about the most convenient way of casino transactions on the market. The unique payment system PaysafeCard is an electronic voucher. They accept it as a transaction method in an online casino PaySafe. One user can buy up to 10 PaysafeCards of various values. The largest amount that can be on the card is $100.

In the PaySafeCard casino, customers can pay a deposit with several cards at once. Details about this method are in the Cashier section. Also, the PaySafe casino provides all players who make a payment using this system with a 10% bonus. It can be equated to the entire replenishment amount!

The main advantage of this method is that you don’t need to have a bank account. And in the world of online PaySafeCard casinos, it’s one of the most famous payment systems. It goes just like PayPal. I highly recommend joining the Expert Casino as they are one of the most reliable market players in the US.

How do Paysafecard cards work?

It’s pretty simple to explain. To get a Paysafecard card, you have to go to one of the centers where they sell those. You have to buy one. These cards can have a price of either 10 euros, 25 euros, 50 euros or even 100. But for this card, you have to pay only 9.90 euros every year.

You have to make a contribution of 4% when money goes into the card. Same for the 3% if they take a payment out, and 2% if you use a foreign currency.

Pros of the PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard is a very simple online payment system. A bank card isn’t necessary. After registering, you’ll get an account called “My PaySafeCard.” To create an account, you only need a telephone service with Internet access. Through your mobile or PC, you can access the PaySafeCard page and open the account there. After that, you can deposit the funds to PaySafeCard online casino.

The system covers all known and essential services. PaySafeCard also includes a special casino deposit. It’ll bring your gambling experience on the other level. It’s an excellent alternative for those who want something fast and reliable.

It’s a feature of all Paysafecard services. On its official website, you can see which stores are near your home. There you can buy the coupon or ticket from PaySafeCard. They offer updated information about the places of sale.

The new Paysafe app is handy and has new tabs that show every one of its uses. It’s compatible with iOS and Android. Also, the My Paysafecard tab is available in this app. There you can see all the details of your account. Like the money you have and all the operations you make with it at Paysafe casinos.

Through using the Paysafe app, you’ll also be informed about any promotions which can bring benefits for your gambling experience. Besides, you’ll be able to solve all the questions and get rid of any doubts through the FAQ section.

There you can see in detail everything about your account, as I have just commented. Your available money, the transactions you have made, the income, and the withdrawals.

The Paysafecard payment system is entirely safe. They have a specialized department for fraud prevention. They handle the transaction monitoring and SMS notifications of transactions for cardholders. All this provides complete security when making payments at Paysafe mobile casino. Consider that it’s eligible while using the cards of this system.

Prepaid cards allow you to remain anonymous. If you don’t want your personal information to be available to others, hide it. Yet, to withdraw winnings, you’ll have to resort to another payment method.

Please keep in mind that the smallest deposit amount using Paysafecard is 10 USD / EUR / GBP. The largest is 2000 USD / EUR / GBP. With Paysafecard, you cannot withdraw funds. Please, use an alternative method to withdraw funds from your account.

Cons of the PaySafeCardPay in other currencies

PaySafeCard users must pay extra fees in the casinos that accept Paysafe card. Unlike other payment methods, such commissions are not gigantic, but still substantial.

The system assumes that the client will put into circulation the funds credited to the card. Additional commission costs depend on the total number of PaySafeCard voucher PIN codes.

How to use PAYSAFECARD at the casino?

If the currency of your game account differs from the one of the Paysafecard, there will be a conversion. They do the conversion following the latest exchange rate. This works for all currency exchange operations at online casinos that accept Paysafe.

Please, mind that Paysafecard charges a 2% commission on the number of transactions with currency exchange. Extra fees for using Paysafecard may apply. Paysafecard may charge refund, inactivity, or transaction fees. Thus, always check the full information on the Paysafecard website.

How to register your PaySafeCard?

The difference in using this payment method is the lack of requirements. You can efficiently operate this service. It doesn’t even need you to go through a registration process.

Use the PIN online

The ticket or coupon you buy has a secret code that you can use to operate online. This has a year of validity. The pin will have a value of 10.25.50 and 100 euros, and in it, you can have up to 100 codes at the same time. They can buy it for different currencies, and it doesn’t have to be only in euros.

How to withdraw your money?

The player doesn’t have the ability to withdraw funds directly to a bank card. This point is fully explainable by the fact that the client doesn’t go through the registration stages in the system. So, there’s no way to specify the required details. Everything should be done only through card vouchers. Using a WebMoney wallet (euros and dollars), you can purchase vouchers and make cashless payments.

The target audience of the platform is people who are accustomed to constant purchases in the virtual world and need fast deposit/withdrawal of funds. Join them and enjoy its benefits!