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You can find craps in literally any casino, which is great. The majority of these sites aren’t worth your attention, which is not so great. The UCE team will solve the biggest problem of both beginners and pro players — our specialists have tested and checked dozens of casinos and gathered the best of them here. Continue reading and you’ll find the list of the fair, US-friendly, and trusted websites that offer craps games right here! And of course that’s not all — there is a list of the tips here (they will be useful for beginners, but even the pro players can learn something new), and the description of the rules, as well as three working strategies. Check them out right now!

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We won’t talk about the history of this game here — because you’ve certainly not come here to read the stories. We won’t talk about the non-working strategies either — because we are sure that if you want to play craps online for money, there’s no place for the strategies that haven’t proven to be effective. We’ll talk about the facts and about the things that work — and we’ll begin with the types of the bet available. Let’s start.

Pass/Don’t pass

The most common ones, the easiest ones to understand, the ones with the lowest casino advantage, etc. We’re talking about Pass and Don’t Pass bets here (the latter is the reversed bet). The coolest thing about these two is that even if you know nothing about this game, you can just choose one of these bets, go over it again and again, and still win! Here’s how it works: you make the Pass bet when the first roll is made, and if the result is 7 or 11, you win. If you make a Don’t Pass bet, you lose if it’s 7/11, and if it’s 2/3/12, you win (reversed for Pass).

Come/Don’t come

If you make a bet when the point isn’t established, it’s a pass bet. If you make it when the point is established, it’s called a Come bet. If it’s a come bet, 7 and 11 win; if it’s 2,3, or 12, you lose. If it’s 4,5,6,8,9, or 10, it becomes the point, and when this number is rolled one more time, you win (but you lose if the result is 7). As usual, the Don’t Come bet is reversed, which means you win if it’s 2 or 3 and lose if it’s 7/11. The payouts are 1:1.


The Field bet: you win if 2-5 or 9-12 is rolled and lose if it’s 5-8. The payout is 1:1, but not if 2/12 is rolled (if it’s 2/12, the payout is 2:1).

The number of proposition bets is huge, but their main difference is the higher payouts. Of course, they also have a higher house edge — that’s why almost all the experts recommend the players to avoid such bets. But in reality, it’s all about risk, and if you love taking risks, you should certainly try them. There are Any 7 Bet (if 7 is rolled, you win), Any 11 (if 11 is rolled, you win), Any Craps or Aces bets (you win if 2/3/12 and 2 are rolled respectively).

Big 6/Big 8

If 6 is rolled before 7, you win — it’s the Big Six bet. If 8 is rolled before 7, you win — it’s called Big Eight.


There are no “craps strategies” in the sense there are poker or blackjack strategies — because the only thing you have to do to increase your chances is minimizing the house edge. It’s quite simple — just choose the bet with the lowest house edge. Pass Line and Don’t Pass with their 1.41% and 1.36% house edge will most likely work great for you. In simple words, if you make 100 bets of $1, you will only lose about $1 after 100 bets. And don’t forget about the fact that this game can be profitable — sooner or later, you’ll win, which means you’ll probably don’t lose anything if you choose the bets with a low house edge. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

But other than that, it’s all about the experience, intuition, and knowledge of the rules. The more you play, the more you know about the game— the more comfortable you are; and being comfortable even if you lose is one of the most important character traits in the world (when we’re talking about gamblers, of course). A good intuition is another extremely important thing — you know that feeling when you feel that you should make this bet and then it wins, right? That’s what we call “intuition” or “instinct” — and having it is just great (but be careful with it, because sometimes the intuition fails). And knowledge of the rules, of course — the players who know everything about the payouts and house edge perform much better than the beginners who know nothing about craps at all. So, here’s the best strategy for you: learn the rules and practice. Simple as that!

3 useful tips

That wasn’t all we wanted to tell you. If you’re new to this game, we’ve also written three tips for you — pro players will probably not find anything important in the following words, but all the beginners are welcome!

  • Try playing for free first. Yes, it’s all about practice — as we’ve just said, the more you play the better player you become. But you surely don’t want to lose money (well, we’re sure that you don’t). In this case, free casinos are exactly what you need — yeah, they don’t offer lots of bet types and they don’t usually have fancy design and effects, but they are 100% free, and that’s what you’re looking for if you’re a beginner.
  • Choose the best casino. Sounds obvious, right? But the thing is: there are hundreds of blacklisted and rogue casinos, lots of them have suspect software, lots of them have slow withdrawals, bad reputation, etc, etc. The main problem is that you may not even know that you’re using one of these rogue casinos until it’s time to withdraw! You can go two ways: conduct research, test dozens of websites and read hundreds of reviews (which is extremely time-consuming); or you can just choose any website from this page and play without any problems. So, it’s up to you to choose!
  • Only deposit what you can afford to lose. Sounds obvious, we know. But this is probably the most often broken rule in craps — the bets are usually very small, and it always feels like you are going to win your next bet. Here comes the problem lots of players have — so if you don’t want to lose money, always manage your bankroll. Remember: you won’t be disappointed if you only deposit what you can afford to lose!


📌 How to play craps with real money at home?

Interested in making money at craps? It’s quite simple, actually. There are hundreds of cool online casinos that offer this game, and all you have to do is choose one of them, place a dep, and start playing! Here, you will find the full list of the best websites that don’t have any problems with reputation and withdrawals — you win, you get your money asap, it’s simple as that. What’s more, you can even play on your mobile phone!

📌 Which online casinos play craps for real money in the US?

It’s an extremely popular game, so almost 100% of the casinos have this game. However, you can’t choose any of them and start playing — you only need the best online real money craps casinos, right? If your answer is “yes”, choose any casino from our list — the UCE have found the safest and the most popular sites with the best reputation. Oh, and they all are US-friendly!

📌 How to make money playing craps game online?

There are two things you should do to increase your chances: try free-mode first, and choose the best bets. Free craps is a perfect choice for you if you want to improve your skill and to understand how this game works. As for the bets, well, choose the ones with the lowest house edge — Pass and Don’t Pass bets will work great.

📌 How do casinos make money on craps?

It’s all about the house edge and the commissions. Even the most profitable craps bets (such as Pass and Don’t Pass) have a house edge about 1%, which means that if you make 100 $1 bets, you’ll lose about $1. Some bets (such as Lay and Buy bets) have a commission (5%), which means a casino earns 5% from every win.

📌 How much money can you win at craps?

Of course you want to make money playing craps. The good news is that it’s really possible — thus, such players as Stanley Fujitake and Patricia Demauro won more than $1,000,000 in a few hours! Online craps are not so profitable, and yeah, you’ll most likely not win millions of dollars. But according to our experience, there are players who’ve won thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in online casinos — and the best news is that you can become another winner!