Best Casino Games to Play Online For Real Money in the USA

Expert tips for casino gamblers

It doesn’t matter if you have just entered the gambling realm or if you are an accomplished punter, you are at this destination point because you want to play casino games to make money. This is impossible without being updated on the state-of-the-art alterations in the wagering domain or brushing up the basic gambling theory. But it’s on us. Get the free expert advice on:

  • Why you should focus on gaming platforms instead of traditional ones
  • How to play casino games for real money in USA legally
  • What a mysterious maths-related term “house edge” is
  • How to select the best casino games to win big money
  • Other questions listed in the FAQ block below

We made sure every gambler finds something useful on this site. Scroll down to see if we were right!

Online casinos vs. «brick & mortar» casinos

Las Vegas is still a dreamland for many casino players. Bright lights, seductive stakes, rich people around… But due to known reasons, not everyone has a chance to go there. Small nearby casinos may look like an alternative place for hitting jackpots. Yet, online casinos sound better. Let’s see why it’s more lucrative to play online rather than at conventional «brick & mortar» casinos:

  1. You can make bank while chilling on your sofa at home, during the lunch at work or on the fly
  2. You have a greater likelihood to win since online platforms have a wider choice of games
  3. Since online gambling venues don’t pile into rentals or salaries for staff, you earn more – payout percentages are higher there
  4. Return in slot games is much higher than in traditional casinos
  5. Plenty of games are faster than in conventional establishments, e.g., table games
  6. You can forget about tipping anyone
  7. You receive numerous benefits, e.g., bonuses & promotions

Is it legal to play online casinos in the US?

WWW-casino platforms are more lucrative for punters, let’s see if anyone can play online casino games for real money in USA.

Overall, many American states are quite cautious with online wagering and suchlike platforms. But thanks to the shift in the perception of casinos, the greater adoption of online gambling is likely to happen in the US. For sure, without a second thought, you can play 100% safely in:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware

Online poker, adored so much by professional players, is embraced in the above-mentioned states, and also Nevada.

Online sports-betting is absolutely legal in:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Rhode Island

In these states, you can undoubtedly play any licensed game from any licensed provider. On our platform, you can find such effortlessly! It is also worth noticing, that it is legitimate to use the gambling services of licensed casinos. And, once again, you can open up a plethora of them on our site.

Note that it may be problematic to access even licensed websites from some other states. But a good solution for you could be a strong and credible VPN service. With it, online casino games real money USA become more accessible for you!

What is a house edge & why should you care?

As a newcomer, don’t rely solely on your skills or luck. The lion’s share of your success at gambling depends on a mysterious casino house edge which you may have heard about. It’s basically the advantage that the wagering establishment has over you as a gamester.

You can make bank only of this number is low (yes, the lower – the better). Sadly, you cannot balance or get rid of this mathematical thing. Therefore, go for casino activities which have the lowest one.

So here’s the list of casino games for real money with the lowest advantage of a casino over you:

  • Video Poker – 0.46% (this house edge is almost ideal)
  • Blackjack – starting from 0.5% (not bad!)
  • Baccarat – 1-3% (you can still win a lot)
  • Craps – starting from 1.4% (same here)
  • Pai Gow Poker – 1.5% (awesome for a newbie!)
  • Roulette – 2.7%–5.4% (seems quite high but your chances are still there!)
  • Slots – 2.8% (one of the best percentages)
  • Caribbean Stud Poker – 3–5% (might be more complicated than the rest)
  • Keno – 4%–35% (the most annoying house edge, but don’t give up on keno because of it!)

As investors love saying, never put all your eggs into one basket. It’s the same for gamesters. If you know that a particular activity has a “casino advantage” close to null, don’t keep playing only that one. Try out various games to enhance your chances of hitting jackpots. You may never know where your luck may lead you to.

Skills vs. luck: A short insight into online casino games

What are casino games that you win real money? Don’t rush to ask this question. Think about what advantages and privileges you have as a gambler. What is your cup of tea? Is the fortune your middle name? Or are you rather a skillful punter? Start betting and wagering only when you know which kind of a gamester you are.

Casino activities for skillful punters

This sort of activities is the most complicated. Loving to risk isn’t enough to get a laurel crown. These games require you to possess tons of unique knowledge, be familiar with various gaming techniques and strategies, be a little sly and far-sighted. Obviously, you aren’t born a cold-blooded punter – you gain skills with time and experience. Check out these casino games for money which can fill your pockets and make you smarter:

A short insight into Video poker

Read in our game manual about versatile strategies that you can utilize in video poker. This is one of the superb casino activities to win real money. Based on 5-card draw poker, this activity has conquered the hearts of millions of gamblers. Beware, you shouldn’t dare to play this poker without any background knowledge. The game will win over you.

A short insight into Blackjack

This card game has always been a bandwagon. You can play it alone or with other punters against a dealer. Moreover, you can select between a random number generated blackjack or the one with a live dealer – rules don’t change. Blackjacked is loved by many players because despite skills it also requires luck. And this spices up the process. But it’s also cool as you can abate the unpleasant house edge, making the game advantageous for you.

Casino activities for lucky gamblers

Luck is determinative in most casino activities. Are you bold enough to assume that luck is your strong side? Check out these activities then.

A short insight into Slot games

Varieties of reels, symbols, jingles, side-awards and wins are what spins the heads of newbies right round! Slots are a synonym to easy money, and that’s why they are so attractive to myriads of players. Choose your bet sum per spin. Rotate 3, 5 or more reels. Match the Cherries, Melons, Lemons, Queens and Jacks, and get big money!

A short insight into Baccarat

Average online casino guide sites classify baccarat as a luck-based activity. Sure, when this game is played online, it’s rather driven by luck than specific experience. But if you played it in a conventional gambling establishment, you could risk rigging the dealer into playing with tainted cards. Then you could guess cards by seeing tiny differences on their backs – and this is a very unique skill which requires attention to details and capacity to make the “poker face”. Unfortunately for you, this trick won’t work in an online casino. Yet, bear in mind that no one else will trick you, the game fair to all players! Chances are equal.

A short insight into Roulette

If you want to play online casino games for real money, Roulette is an astonishing choice. And it doesn’t matter if it’s American Roulette, European, French or any other – each of them is exciting in its own way. Bet on a single number (or several numbers) and pray, hope and foretaste that an argent tiny ball happens to be in the right spot. There are 32 red and black pockets and a few green ones.

In our catalogue, you can get familiar with dozens of other online casino games for money. Various types of risky roulettes, Italy & France-influenced baccarat, different lotteries, challenging keno, wagering craps, sic bo which comes from the ancient times, Caribbean stud poker, and many others. Discover the alluring world of wagering games in USA now.

Casino games for real money FAQ

Which casino games can I play online to win real money in the USA?

Choose games with a house edge approximate to null or at least 1-3%. Only these activities will make you richer, don’t waste your time trying to do the impossible. Our website catalogue provides all games with this kind of percentage, hence, you are at an advantage. Our team has properly selected only top-notch games with soaring returns, so you don’t make any calculations – enjoy casino entertainment.

What games make the most money at a casino?

The experience of our experts, as well as the statistics of gambling wins, tell that the best casino games to win money are online slots. They are lucrative for punters and newbies not only because they have a low casino advantage over punters. Online slots also don’t require special knowledge and one can play them multiple times. Find on our site dozens of online slots machines, which vary in the number of reels, symbols, awards and so on.

How to play for real money on casino games on the app?

Check out the best offers for USA players on our site. Among them, select the most suitable for you Android or iPhone casinos. Note that each of the platforms in our catalogue has its equivalent as a mobile app. Moreover, you will also receive attractive welcome bonuses for starting to play real cash games.

What casino app games can I win real money?

As per our gambling domain experts, the best casino app games for winning big are X for Android and Y for iOS. These apps have been reported to have few bugs, they work smoothly and fast, and, most importantly, they provide access to a wide variety of casino games options.

How to make legit money online through casino games?

It’s a no-brainer. Play only legal online casino games. Legal gambling establishments are those which have been licensed by respective authorities, they have all the required documentation and meet high standards. On our site, you can find varieties of legal online casinos.

What casino games pay real money using PayPal?

PayPal is strict with businesses. This company imposes strict standards on them and monitors their compliance with the requirements. If platforms fail to meet PayPal’s expectations, they get banned. So, if your casino accepts and provides payments in PayPal, you can sleep peacefully – just know that your platform is a credible one. Keep in mind that PayPal casino games are also available in our catalogue.

How to win real money on online casino games?

First, you think thoroughly about what you’re better at – luck or skill-based games. Second, focus on games with a low house edge. Third, follow online casino guides on our website, get familiar with tips and strategies for making bank. Finally, start to play casino games online for real money!