Play Online Keno For Real Money

Online keno for real money isn’t as sought-after as, say, blackjack, but does it make it worse? No. It’s still a perfect choice to chill and relax, it’s definitely not one of those games which make people waste thousands of USD, and it’s a very easy game, so you will never have any problems with it even if it’s your first time — it can be safely called a “super easy to learn, easy to master” game. There are 0 strategies (well, at least no working ones), your skill doesn’t matter here (well, almost), and its rules are extremely simple. What else do you need to chill? Your good old chair and a glass of whiskey, maybe? Everything’s possible if we consider online casinos.

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But here’s the thing: picking any website has never worked as expected. There are tons of scammers on the net, which give eye-teeth for cheating naive and inexperienced players. Be prepared to spend a little time and study the reviews and become certain that you find an honest provider.

So first, it’s required to find a decent casino, then to read the tips, then to try test regime (because it’s all about practice), and only then you can start the game requiring payment. We have good news – you don’t need to shovel a bunch of materials to understand how to act. The UCE team has already done all the work — they’ve gathered all the crucial info here. So, whether you try to find rules, tips, or proper websites, our article hits the spot. Let’s start!

Online game

Alright, why online? It has always been a social game, and its online variation might not look like a good idea at all. Have the same doubts? No need to guess which option to choose — we’ve gathered 5 important reasons why this online game worth it’s salt!

  • It’s fast. Some people love it, the others don’t, but a fact is still a fact — online keno with real money in the USA is faster than its offline version.
    If your main goal is just to rest with friends, you maybe won’t like the speed. Conversely, if you don’t like to go through the time of slow gameplay, this is your choice.
  • It’s free. Well, yeah, there are lots of paid-for options, but here, we consider free versions. There is no need to buy keno games for money or to make a deposit — just sign up (it won’t take more than a couple of minutes). What’s more, you can even start without registration! Yes, playing for real bucks is exciting, but isn’t it great that you can try this amazing game without losing a nickel?
  • You can play everywhere on your gadget. That must be the most prominent feature of all those online casinos — you only need a few bucks to dep (not obligatory!) and a fine Internet connection, simple as that. The good news is that there are no differences between PC and mobile versions of the game — the design, the bets, and the odds are the same. Moreover, it can be a no-download keno for money, in the USA it’s very widespread and easily accessible.
  • Min bets as low as $1. We believe that 95% of the gamblers want to spend and to lose less, and this game is perfect if you’re one of these 95 %. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands here: Keno min bets are usually $1 or even lower!
  • Many games. An average casino offers tens of variations of the game from different providers, with different betting options and of course, different designs. Traditional Keno with its boring tickets is not even in the same league!


Some claim that even the top casinos are rigged; some believe that there may be hot numbers; some people stand assured of the fact that the more they spend, the bigger their winning will be. There are dozens of myths about gambling, Keno isn’t an exception. Here, we’ll bust them — because we believe that you must know the truth about this fantastic game. Let’s go!

Myth #1: The more spots the better

Yes, a 20-spot payout may look great (or even better than great) — you bet $5, pick 20 numbers, then you win, and you get $100,000 or $1,000,000. But in reality, the fewer spots there are, the better. It’s all about the math — the chances to hit 20 and even 12 spots are extremely low (we’ll explain a little bit later). So, make the right choice — you will most likely not hit 20, 12 or 10 spots while hitting 4-6 is quite possible.

Myth #2: There are secret numbers that win every time

No, there aren’t. Keno is based solely on luck — “cold” or “hot” numbers don’t work here. The number sequence is ALWAYS random in this game, and neither player nor anyone else has any influence on the outcomes. It’s a 100% random game, and it’s all about luck, not about strategies here. The “hot” numbers that were drawn more often yesterday will not help you win today, that’s how it works here. Nevertheless, you can still pick the “hot” or “cold” numbers. Select your birthday numbers or use the “Quick Pick” feature — but it will not work, odds are kept the same.

Myth #3: Multi-race tickets increase your chances

No, multi-race tickets don’t increase your chances. However, they are not useless — they can save time, which is just great when it comes to online games. If you want to play keno online for money within little time, mind this.

What else?

House edge

This game has an enormous house edge — sometimes, the casino advantage is as high as 20%-40%, which is bad. Of course, not all of them have such a high HE — it usually ranges from 4% to 35%, but still, it’s incredibly high. Unfortunately, real money Keno is not the best game for those who want to win big — yes, it’s possible to take out the jackpot, but the chances are slim to none. However, it’s still a fun game, and there is the thing you can do to minimize your losses and to improve your chances. We’ll talk about it right now (but don’t expect us to unlock you the Best Secret, because there’s no such thing).

Math: how to win

Everyone wants to have a lot of money and immediately without effort. But this, as you know, does not happen, except that you will receive an inheritance from a distant foreign relative or be lucky in the lottery. Let’s make it clear: yes, it’s possible to win. But no, winning millions of dollars is impossible. The point is: to take out the jackpot, you’ll have to hit as many spots as possible (as a rule, it’s 18-20).

The rock on which you split is that it’s unachievable to hit 20 numbers — there are more than 3 quintillion ways for a group of twenty numbers to be picked from 80 numbers. The odds of hitting 12 spots is better — something about 1 in 480 million. 10 spots? 1 in 9 million. 7 spots, maybe? Now we talk. 7-spots odds are 1 in 41,000, and that is lower than Straight Flush odds in video poker (~72,000). Such an outcome looks much more real, and it will bring you good money — not millions of dollars, but probably thousands (it depends on your initial bet).

So, here’s the Biggest Secret Of Keno: choose 4, 5 or 6 numbers. 7 numbers maybe, if you’re a risky man. Thus, the chances of winning are… well, they are not high, but at least they’re real.

Bonuses: sometimes good, sometimes tricky

We all love extras — what can be better than making a $100 deposit and having an additional $100? Or no dep extras — they are money/free bets from nothing. But it’s not that simple.

The issue is: the extras are too tricky sometimes. You’ve probably heard about the requirements — if they are, say, 20x, you have to play through the bonus 20 times to withdraw it. Unfortunately, lots of sites have extremely high requirements — just imagine that you’ve got a 100% or even 150% deposit bonus, but to withdraw it, you should play it, say, 40 or 60 times.

Such bonus terms are very common, and we are sure that no one wants to fall into this trap. So, what to do? The answer is simple: you’ll have to be careful. Read the terms twice, especially that “Withdraw” part, search for real reviews, conduct research. Or, just choose any site from the USACasinoExpert list — the UCE team has filtered out the sites with tricky terms, so 100% of them offer fair extras.

Choose game

It’s all about payouts, actually — the higher they are, the better. We recommend trying the games from Microgaming — this software provider offers the best products with are 100% fair and random. But it’s up to you to choose.

Choose a casino

There must be lots of games, there must be fair promotions, the site must be safe, and its reputation must be perfect. You can find a casino by yourself (but it will be time-consuming), or you can just pick any site from our list. You’ll find only the best casinos here — our experts have done their best to sort out all the suspicious websites. And they tested all of them!


We’re gambling experts, not tax inspectors, so we can’t tell you what form to use, what publication to read, and what is the tax on the winnings (but in case you’re wondering, it’s Form 1040 Schedule 1, Publication 505, and flat 25% tax respectively). What we know is that you shouldn’t hide your winnings from the IRS — the winnings are taxable, just like the income you’ve earned at the job. So don’t forget to report all the winnings, because obviously, you don’t want problems with the law.


📌 How to play video Keno online for money?

The most difficult part for the beginners is finding a decent website, but don’t worry — the USACasinoExpert Team has already gathered the best of them here. So, there’s no need to find the feedback, there’s no need to waste your dollars, and there’s no need to test the sites by yourself. Just pick any and start!

📌 How much money can you win in Keno?

Let’s avoid misunderstandings: it’s surely not the best game if you want to win big. Well, theoretically, you can win $1,000-$5,000, but hey, you’ll have to hit 7 or 8 spots to win such a jackpot. What’s the problem? The odds — they are extremely slim. It’s much more possible to get $10, $20, $50, and even $100, but don’t expect to become a billionaire.

📌 Where can I play Keno for free but win money?

No dep extras are what you’re looking for. The casinos give such extras to the new players for free — but don’t expect it to be a cakewalk, because the terms are usually quite harsh for such promotions. Oh, and of course, you can just play for free — choose the game here, click on it, and start playing right now (no registration needed).

📌 Which game is better for winning money: Keno or Caveman Keno?

These games are very similar, but there is one huge difference: Caveman Keno has the “egg bonus” — three numbers are selected by the RNG before the start, and if at least two of them are selected during the game, you get a bonus (4x for 2 “eggs” and 8x-10x for 3 of them). This bonus increases your chances and therefore makes Caveman Keno a little more profitable for a player. According to studies, the average return in this game is 88%-92%, which is slightly higher than the return of a traditional game.