Online Scratch Offs For Real Money

This game doesn’t have a long history, and it has never been popular among rich men with expensive cigars, like roulette or poker. It’s not the kind of game you’ll see in any casino, so you’ll have to do your best to even find it. It’s not even one of those games that can be won by skill, so basically, you can’t do anything to increase your chances. What’s even more, it doesn’t even have the best odds. But even so, it’s still extremely popular and thousands of Americans play it every month.

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We’re talking about scratchies here. It’s the favorite game of millions of people from all around the world because of two simple reasons: first, it’s almost free, and second, it doesn’t require any skill from the player (so, as you can see, it’s a disadvantage for some, but those who buy scratch offs love the fact that it’s an extremely simple game). Everything is clear with the second reason, but it looks like the first reason why this game has millions of fans needs to be explained. Like, what? Scratchies aren’t free, you may say. And that’s true, but there’s a nuance here.

The thing is, we said almost free, not totally free. One of the coolest features of this game is that it has the lowest minimum bets — while the roulette or the blackjack fans have to spend at least $1, $5, or even $10 to make an initial bet, some scratchies have the minimum bets as low as, say, 10 or 20 cents. Isn’t it great? Well, yeah, there’s no way you’ll win millions or even dozens of thousands of USD playing such games, but let’s be honest, it’s not about winnings when it comes to scratch cards. It’s rather about the atmosphere and about having fun.

So, as you might already know, this game is extremely easy to learn, but is it also hard to master? Are there any secrets and things you have to know before you start playing? Where better to play to not spoil the experience and to not lose your money/personal data? The team has answered all the questions already, so read more to know more!


There’s no such thing as a strategy here, that’s right. Well, there is one, but it sounds like “scratch off the panel and sees if you’ve won”, you get the point. But still, there are several things you must know if you are going to play real money scratch offs.

First, the odds. The odds of winning the main prize of the National Lottery are as high as 1 in something about 8,000,000. The odds of winning at least something are usually much lower — say, 1 in 3 or even 1 in 2. As you’ve probably already figured out, it’s all about the prize — the higher the jackpot is, the lower are the odds. It means that it’s almost impossible to win millions and even thousands of dollars from scratchies — the chances of getting your stake back are much higher, but they are still not 1 in 1, so you can even lose money at scratch cards. But here comes the good news — as we’ve said, the minimum bets are extremely low in scratchies, so you will most likely not lose big bucks. Well, unless you buy thousands of tickets, of course.

Our advice is: if you don’t want to lose money, don’t expect to take out the jackpot.

Yes, maths tells us that the more you spend, the higher your chances to get thousands or millions of dollars, but in reality, there’s always one big winner, hundreds of thousands of people who barely get their money back, and hundreds of thousands of losers. Yes, taking risks is cool, but if you want to take risks, a pure luck game is probably not the best choice. Try something else, like blackjack or poker — when you play these games, you can be sure that you can maximize the chances of winning with your skill and your brain.

But the thing is, scratch games are fun, and it’s still possible to make money online on scratch cards. You only need to follow these rules (we’ll talk about each of them in more detail right now):

  • Find a good casino
  • Manage the bankroll
  • Be careful with the promotions

Good casino

Finding a safe and trustworthy website is the very first and the most important thing to do if you want to play online scratch offs for real money. It’s important because you surely don’t want to lose your money or something more important (we’re talking about your personal and financial information). So, the online casino you are going to play at must be safe — it must have an eCOGRA certificate and a real and valid license (you can check its validity by clicking on the logo of the licensing body; these logos can often be found at the bottom of the page). It’s also important to check the reviews and (if there are none) the previous name of the website/the group it belongs to — sometimes, the casinos change names and domains trying to clear their reputation. The reviews are also important because they can show you what kind of problems to expect.

Well, it looks like a very long story, but it isn’t. If you want to play scratch cards online (real money), you don’t have to do it yourself. The team has done all the work — you can read the reviews of the best casinos here to understand which one to choose, so you don’t have to waste time. All the reviews are full and honest — we didn’t want to hide the truth, so if there are problems with the casino, you’ll know everything about them.


Managing a bankroll is probably the most common advice for the gamblers, and you’ve probably seen it hundreds of times. But there’s a reason for that — the problems with bankroll are extremely common, and thousands of people are losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars day by day. The biggest problem in the context of scratchies is that this game has extremely low minimum bets — yeah, at the beginning we’ve said that it was the biggest advantage of scratch cards. We haven’t changed our mind, no. It’s just the low minimum bets — such bets are certainly a two-sided coin.

It’s all about psychology — when the bet is, say, $0.5, it looks like it’s impossible to exceed the daily limit (you do have a daily limit, don’t ya?). But here’s how it works: such bets only dull the sense of danger. In the real world, you’re more focused on your bankroll when placing, say, $50 bets than $0.5 bets. The latter can drown your wallet even faster just because of the number of tickets — if they are cheap, you won’t care too much about their price, so you should always think of your deposit. Especially when you’re playing such games as scratch cards.


Unfortunately, the casinos don’t love giving money away, and that’s why their bonuses can often be not what they look like. The main problem with the promotions is the requirements. Getting a 200% deposit bonus may look great, but the majority of such extras have ridiculously high requirements — sometimes, the players are required to play the bonus 60 times to withdraw!

So, when it comes to bonuses, always read the terms. Or, if you want to save time, read our reviews — our experts have tested all the extras and scrutinized the terms.


📌 How to play scratch cards online with real money?

If you want to win real money from scratch cards, you should only do three things: choose the casino, sign up, make a dep, and start playing. Choosing the right website is the biggest issue for the beginners, so if you don’t want to waste money on reading hundreds of reviews, choose any online casino from the list made by the UCE team. All the sites in this list are 100% worth your attention.

📌 How to win money online on scratch cards?

To win big, you’ll have to spend big first. It’s all about the probability theory — due to the fact scratchies is the game of luck, there are no strategies that would help you to improve your chances. So, the more tickets you buy, the more likely you’re going to win big money. But only if the casino is fair, of course.

📌 Where can I win money online on scratch cards in the USA?

Anywhere, if we’re talking about it in the geographical context. If you’re asking about the sites, it’s also simple as that: you can play at any casino you’ll find on this page. The experts from UCE have tested hundreds of sites to gather the best of them here — so now, you can pick any of them and start playing. There are no scam or rigged sites here, and 100% of them have a great reputation.

📌 How much money can you win playing scratch cards?

Well, theoretically, you can win real money instantly on scratch cards in USA. But in the real world, things are more complicated, and it’s only possible to take out such a jackpot if you’re the luckiest man on Earth. Think about winning several dollars or, maybe, $10—$50 — the chances to win such amounts are much higher.