Real money slots online

The US is a peculiar country as far as gambling is concerned. Unfortunately, not all American states are gamesters-friendly. With our guide, you will learn where and how to play casino slots online for real money legally in the US, how to avoid scammers and hit multiple jackpots effortlessly.

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In our catalog, only licensed fruit machine activities are presented. But before you take a risk and dive into the ocean of spinning lemons and cherries, take some minutes to educate yourself on:

  • The dangers for gamesters in the slots industry
  • How to play wisely to hit jackpots
  • How to opt for credible online slots casino real money
  • How to benefit from casino gifts
  • And more (find answers to other casino questions in the FAQ block)

Why should you play real money slots?

Multiple statistics show that slot activities are the most lucrative for both newbies and punters. The house edge (H.E.) of this game is one of the lowest, hence beneficial for gamesters rather than for casino establishments. In particular, the H.E. of “one-armed bandits” is around 2.8%. So you are are at an advantage compared to gambling venues. Of course, in slots payout wagers won’t be skyrocketing but you may have multiple wins, and that’s the best part.

Moreover, it’s one of the rare games that provide so many side-awards (bonuses) to its players, as well as gratis games (known as free spins).

Let’s sum up why you should try rotating the reels of slots at least once in your life:

  • Online slots are known to be gainful for gamblers
  • They have low H.E. (thus, a gamer has an advantage over the casino)
  • Numerous bonuses and promotions available
  • Free spins that can bring you large cash prizes
  • Slots don’t require special knowledge, it’s all about fortune
  • Both low & high payouts
  • No restrictions for the number of spins

By no law, it is prohibited in the US to play slots for real money on the federal scope. Yes, America has taken a hardline stance on online gambling but the situation varies from state to state. Yes, there is an Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that everyone is so scared of, but in fact, it only tightens the screws when it comes to processing payments but not playing slots themselves.

This document makes it illegitimate for financial institutions like banks to process gambling-related payments. However, there are many other options for you – from online payment systems, cash transfer services and e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and ePayments, to virtual coins like BTC, ETH and others.

But when it comes to playing itself, any licensed online casino is 100% accessible in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

At the same time, such states as Washington, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Utah, unfortunately, have very rigorous legislation regarding online gambling, so it’s better to stay away from playing games of chance there (or else, use a potent VPN service).

Other states seem to be less exacting. However, if you need assurance, we recommend you to look up for particular laws and acts in your state. For sure, if there’s no direct prohibition of online slots, the rest is subject to legal interpretation.

The risks of playing slots

Many newbies are afraid of making the first step and starting to play casino slots online for real money. That’s due to the dangers that online slots may pose. Let’s look at them closely:

  • Loss of money because of recklessness. We are human beings, and it’s difficult to control ourselves in different life situations, especially in financial things. Some gamesters play heatedly and put at stake more than they could afford to lose.
  • You never win. If you happen to use the services of an illegal casino (the one that hasn’t been granted license), you may lose your money. How? An illegal casino may be using pirated software, thus, their H.E. will be higher. Which means you will never win or win very rarely.
  • You win but can’t cash out your prizes. Once again, it happens with unlicensed casinos. You may have spun the reels a thousand times, got huge payouts, but a fraudulent establishment will never let you withdraw your money.

Safety comes first

Well, we can’t help you control your gambling passion, but we can confine you from fraudsters. On our page are slots you can win real money from licensed casinos. So you shouldn’t worry about the reliability of the games.

We also highly recommend you to carefully read the Terms & Conditions of each casino you sign up for. Yes, and don’t be hesitant to access Customer Support when needed.

Where to play slot machines?

Every player, either new or proficient, dreams of making a bank in Las Vegas. But, unluckily, most of the gamesters end up in smoky and grimy next corner or basement casinos. Your chances to get high payouts are much lower than seeing a bunch of desperate drunk gamers scuffling. That’s why those who want to focus on hitting jackpots go online. So shall you. You’re already here, and that’s because of online casinos:

  • provide a wide range of slots games
  • offer on-the-fly gaming options (downloadable games for smartphones & tablets, mobile slot apps, optimized versions of games for smartphone browsers)
  • have higher payouts
  • give more free spins

But here’s the puzzle: where to play slots for real money on the World Wide Web? Which sites are trustworthy and what kinds of slots are better?

Here’s your algorithm for choosing the best casino with real money slots in the USA:

  1. Pay attention only to reputed platforms. Availability of licenses and staid online reviews is a must. You don’t have to waste your time searching for such as our crew has already done all the «dirty job».
  2. A wide host of real money slots. It’s not just, let’s say, 5 types of fruit machines. In our catalog, you can find classic slots perfect for newbies, entertaining video slots, three and more reel slots for those who want to challenge their luck, low-budget penny slots, progressive slots and a plurality of others.
  3. Convenient banking & numerous bonuses. The rules of depositing and cashing out your wins should be crystal clear. Furthermore, a reliable online casino offers attractive welcome bonuses.
  4. Last but not least – round-the-clock customer service. The good support crew is the one that can satisfy your curiosity concerning online slots for real money. Period.

Are free online slots better?

You may have already thought or may think soon, about trying out free slots games first. It is a purely rational decision of yours – why waste money when you’re a newbie and aren’t aware of all the tricks that professional slots gamesters utilize.

You aren’t alone. Other people are afraid to start to play online slots real money USA too. However, they may have other reasons. Let’s take a handful of examples: some online users believe the adventurism they get while playing free games is enough and that they don’t need any slots bonuses, or they may have had issues with gambling and don’t want to put their well-being at stake. That’s comprehensible.

To check if things are really like that, we have checked the Google Trends statistics. Indeed, in the US over the past 5 years, the search for free slot games and free slots casinos significantly outweighs the other (it is between 38%-100% within the mentioned period). In the meantime, online slots real money has been less popular among American users (5%-27%).

The trends have shifted within the past 12 months in the US, though. The search interest of free slots casinos fluctuated between 71% and 100%, while search interest of online slots real money increased from 15% to 53%. The changing trend, perhaps, can be explained in this way. Casinos started offering users more free spins and gratis demos. You can find these on our site too – and this is a superb way for you to transit from free activities to real gambling and make bucks!

How to play online slots for real money?

On our page, dozens of online slots casinos are at your disposal. To play them, you need to follow a few steps. Here they are:

  1. Choose a casino/game that suits you. Our catalog is full of various gambling options, which will suit even newcomers. Only licensed casinos are listed here, so select those which are available in your region. The rest has been done for you.
  2. Register. Spend a few minutes entering little personal data as well as payment details. This will help you get welcome bonuses and start playing whatever you want.
  3. Identification stage. Gambling in the US is permitted only among adults (18 or 21 years old depending on the state). A reputed casino will verify your ID and see if you fall under the legal playing age.
  4. Make the first round deposit. After this, you can start gambling straight away and even get a signup bonus.
  5. Play a gratis demo version. Some slots casinos offer them for beginners to adjust.

Before you register on any line casino, we highly recommend you to get acquainted with Terms & Conditions of the online establishment. This will help you to prevent unwanted situations in the future.

Slot machines banking online

Skyrocketing payouts and massive deposit bonuses are just some of the multiple things that attract gamesters in online slots for real money. Do you long for them? Then fund your casino account and cash it out after the spins and luck bring you bucks. Here we will tell you how to do it wisely.

Funding your account

You are usually asked to make the first deposit right after the registration. Afterward, claim a generous welcome bonus. Yet, there are “no deposit bonuses” as well, so you may not need to turn your pockets out to make bank. Therefore, read all the site’s instructions properly.

If you’re asked to deposit, use safe ways, for instance:

  • Reliable payment & money transfer systems or e-wallets (PayPal, ePayments, Neteller, Ecopayz, Skrill)
  • Standard debit & credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex)
  • Most famous cryptos (BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP)

Cashing out your jackpot

This is the crucial stage for all casino gamers. Or else, what’s the use of winning big if you can’t withdraw the fruits of your wagering? The most secure way to withdraw your wins is via proven and credible channels:

  • Right to your bank account (in some US states it may be an issue, so beware)
  • Debit card (Visa)
  • Other above-mentioned channels (payment systems and virtual coins)

Follow these small tips and who knows, maybe you will be the next Elmer Sherwin!


We aren’t entitled to give you with tax or accounting advice, but just a friendly tip: want to stay safe and sound? Pay taxes. Your income from real money slots the USA is still income, and so not to have any issues with the IRS, better give them your share. Cashing out wins through cryptocurrencies may be challenging as well, so consult with your tax agent if you should pay tax from both casino reward and crypto. The latter in some states is considered to bring taxable too as it brings income.

How to get your slots bonanza?

Fascinating puzzle! Casino guides would advise you to sign up to several casinos, try different techniques, e.g. making big and small bets in turn, try out three, five or more reel slots, etc. However, the veritable recipe for success is bonuses.

Online slots bonuses

Reputed real money slots platforms offer “no deposit bonuses” as well as “signup bonuses” (you get the latter after funding our account upon registration). Lean on them! Your first gift from the casino may be as small as $5 or $8 (on average, no more than $10), but it’s the first free chance to challenge your luck.

Also, bear in mind gratis spins and happy hours when casino sites give other side-awards and promotions. If you spend them wisely – on banana, apple, cherry, and other reels which are the most fortunate for you, the scoop is yours!

Low vs. high stakes slots

As a beginner, you may also wonder which online slots are more lucrative – those with high or low stakes. There is no universal offer to everyone. You can try both types, or choose the one which fits your budget. See why:

High stakes – max. wager is $150/spin or $5/line
Low stakes (e.g., penny slots)– min. wager is $1/spin and $0.01/line


📌 How to get started in real money slots?

There are several ways. First, you can select an online casino to play for real money with the most suitable for you payment and withdrawal methods. Otherwise, go for a slot game and find casinos which provide it. Or else, choose the most favorable welcome bonus and start your game using it.

📌 How to play slots for real money online?

Using our site, you can find all the money slots accessible in the USA and opt for online casinos that provide these games. Use the links on our platform to start playing on favorable terms. A low H.E., high and low stake slots, variety of bonuses and promotions – all these things you can discover in games from our catalogues.

📌 How to play slots for money legally in the USA?

There’s only one legal path – wagering on licensed online casinos. You can find such our website effortlessly. Bear in mind, that you should stay on the territory of the US and play online slots within the states which permit gambling by law or at least do not prohibit gambling. You can be 100% sure it’s legal if you play licensed casino slots in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. In other states, it might be controversial, so you better look it up in local laws.

📌 How can I download real money slots?

Browse through our experts’ reviews of the best mobile casinos. Select the most suitable online casino which would suit your taste and aspirations. Finally, download the casino of your choice to your smartphone or another gadget and relish the gambling vibes. In our catalogue, there are casinos downloadable for both Android and iOS operating systems.

📌 How to win money on slots?

Calculate how much you will be wagering per hour (depending on the per spin rate) and how much you will be losing. It’s important not to lose more than you can afford. If you bet 1 penny/spin, that’s $6 per hour. If the payout percentage is 80%, you will get back $4.8 but $1.2 you will lose.

The ideal way to get the bonanza on slots is to hunt for bonuses. Gratis spins, “no deposit bonuses”, signup bonuses and happy hours can reward you with additional bucks. Use them for betting, and winning without spending your cash. Remember, slots are pure chance and there are no patterns behind them!

📌 How to win at slots with little money?

If you’re on a low budget, it’s not a problem. First, find a casino which offers a “no deposit bonus” for playing slots. Choose a low-stakes game (for instance, penny slots). Make small bets, e.g., $0.01 per line or $1.25 per spin and try your luck! Remember to calculate your payout percentage (it should be as high as possible, over 80% let’s say) to know the sum you can afford to lose.

📌 How to play video slots without money?

It is as possible as playing at a low budget. There are two ways for doing that. Either you rely on “no deposit bonuses” of online casinos or you play for free without any registration on our platform. Both options are equally advantageous, try both or choose what fits you more!