Mobile Casinos [USA]

A long time ago, phones were not so perfect for mobile gaming, but it all changed in 2007 when the first generation of iPhones came out. Big touch screens (yeah, 3.5 inches was a big deal at that time) made it possible to have much more fun playing the mobile games. Racing, fighting, simulators, strategies, RPGs, Battle Royale games… Mobile casinos. Each of these game genres is extremely popular in 2020, and each of them has millions of fans.

Here, we will talk a little about mobile casino sites and apps. Types of games, bonuses, differences between such casinos and traditional online gambling sites, frequently asked questions, general information — we will cover everything. Let’s start.

Why should I play a mobile?

Because you can do it anywhere. Several decades ago, we had to visit a real gambling house to place a bet. Then, it all changed and it became possible to bet from home. Now, we see another iteration of casino gaming, and we don’t even have to stay home to bet and win money. There are only two things you need to have now — a smartphone and an Internet connection. Yeah, there are certain requirements — your smartphone can’t be too old (say, if you have a 10-year-old smartphone, it will most likely not work as expected), and your Internet connection should be quite fast. But these requirements are not so extreme, are they?

Because there are hundreds of games. Another cool thing about mobile casino sites and apps is that they usually offer a great assortment of games. Do you prefer online slots? Are you a blackjack games fan? Is Texas Holdem your favorite game? Or roulette, maybe? Well, the answer doesn’t matter, because such sites and apps have EVERYTHING. From roulette to blackjack, from keno to scratch cards, from Holdem to 5 Card Draw — you will find what you need even if you prefer something exotic. It means that you can feel THAT atmosphere of a real, fancy casino.

Because of free games and no dep extras. Another reason to love online mobile casinos is free games. Yes, that feeling when you win real money is amazing, and yes, playing real money games, whether we’re talking about card games or random number games, is cool. But let’s be honest — sometimes, we just can’t play for real money. Sometimes you just need something free — maybe, you are going to try a new strategy, or you just want to try a new game, or you just want to relax. In all these cases, mobile casinos can be a great choice for you, because they offer hundreds of free games. But it’s not just about the free games, it’s also about the free extras. The point is, in the majority of casinos, you’ll have to make a certain dep to get the bonuses. The good news is that many casinos for mobile phones allow players to get the so-called no dep extras. Here’s how it works: you sign up, you get the free bonus money, and then you can meet the wagering requirements and withdraw your bonus (however, not all of them are cashable).

Because it’s safe. Do you worry about safety? Well, even if you don’t, you’ve probably heard all those stories about fake casinos with fake and rigged software, or about the casinos that steal credit card details (and then voila, someone buys a brand new iPhone on Amazon with your credit card). Even if you haven’t heard such stories, they are real — unfortunately, the casino industry is a Petri dish for scammers. So, your goal is to find a safe casino that will protect your personal and financial data. Lucky you, we’ve already done this job for you — and here, you will find dozens of absolutely safe top mobile casinos. We’ll talk about how we check safety a little bit later, by the way.

Because it’s legal. As you know, there are lots of gambling sites that are not available for American players. It’s all about the federal law — but there are hundreds of USA friendly mobile casinos and many of them are certainly worth your attention. They are legit, so you will not have problems making a dep or (what’s even more frustrating), withdrawing your money. You will also not have to use a VPN or proxy to open the website, and of course, you will never be fined after placing bets in such casinos.

Because you can play on all the most popular platforms — there are casinos for both Android and iOS smartphones. What’s more, some of them are even available for Windows Phones — so you will have no problems even if you have an older device. There are two types of such casinos: applications and websites; and even if there is no app for your version of the operating system, don’t worry — the mobile version of a website will most likely work exactly as you expect it to work.

Because it’s impossible to lose a bet because of connection problems. Just imagine playing a blackjack round and losing your bet because of Internet problems. It sounds quite frustrating, doesn’t it? Well, nowadays, this problem is solved and you shouldn’t worry about it anymore. If you have a problem with your Internet connection (or an incoming call), your bet will not be lost and you will be able to continue playing the round later.

How can I know that the websites on this page are good?

Factor #1: Safety

As we’ve said, only the best mobile casino sites are here, and safety is the very first reason why we are saying that. The point is, we believe it’s of top priority, the most important thing to consider when choosing a place to play. There are two reasons — the first one is called “money”. You pay money, share your credit card details or Paypal with the website, and that’s why you need to be sure that it’s 100% safe. The second reason is your personal information — you’ll have to provide your full name, email address, and Social Security Number, so it’s logical that you don’t want someone to steal this sensitive information. And that’s why we’ve only added completely safe sites to the list — we have checked the validity of the certificates (such as SSL certificate and antivirus certificate), we have read hundreds of reviews, we’ve tested the sites by ourselves, and sorted out all the sites that don’t fall into “top safe casinos” category. Long story short: you can choose any of the sites you’ll find on this page. Your personal and financial data will never be stolen or intercepted, and no one will steal your money, because it’s impossible.

Factor #2: Fairness

There is another thing you probably worry about: fairness. There are thousands of USA mobile casinos, but unfortunately, not all of them are 100% fair. What are we talking about?

Casino games (if we’re not talking about land-based casinos or those expensive websites with real dealers) use random generators which provide, guess what, random results. You play slots and get random pictures, then you play roulette and the ball lands on the random pocket, then you start playing blackjack and get random cards — in all these cases, it’s the RNG that produces the outcomes. Sometimes, the casinos try to cheat their customers and to rig the games they play — in this case, the players will continue losing money again and again. We believe that our customers deserve to get the best experience and to not lose money because of a dishonest casino.

Here, you can see the list of USA mobile casinos — only fair ones. We check the licenses of the games — because the games are random only if they are licensed properly. And of course, we carefully check the certificates from international testing agencies, such as eCOGRA. So only the fairest online mobile casinos (USA) can get on our list.

And it’s all about the licenses, of course. You can’t play in a casino without a license, but that’s not all. It must be a good license — so if a website is licensed by Malta, UKGC, or Gibraltar, we add it to the list. If the license of the casino is fake or untrustworthy (like 1668/JAZ, which is being reported as a scam), we will never add such a site to our list. It’s as simple as that.

Factor #3: Reputation

Another factor you can’t ignore is reputation. Reputation is everything, heard that one before? This is a true statement, especially when we are talking about this industry. If a website has a bad reputation, it doesn’t deserve a place on our list. How we choose top-rated casinos?

The thing is, we check the reviews and do our best to find the real ones. If there are no unsolved complaints and no negative reviews, we consider such a site reputable and continue our research. If the website is a part of a network, we also check the reputation of this network. If the owners of the site own (or owned) other casino sites, we also check the reputation of all these casinos. We do everything to make sure that the casino owners will not one day get away with your money.

Factor #4: Extras

There is a huge number of bonuses, that’s a fact. Casinos compete and fight over every new player, and they do their best to attract as many customers as possible — but it doesn’t mean that you should try all of these extras. Because, you know, there is a problem.

The problem is called “tricky requirements” — imagine a cool dep bonus that has to be played through, say, 60 times, and only within 7 days after signing up. Sounds quite tricky, doesn’t it? What if such an extra can be played only on slots from one software provider (and you are not a slots fan at all)? Or what if there are lots of other limits, such as very low maximum bet? If the terms are tricky, you will not be able to cash the bonus out, which is quite frustrating.

That’s why we carefully check the terms of the casinos — because we don’t want you to lose your money or be cheated by the promotions.

Factor #5: Games

Alright, let’s imagine that we’ve chosen a safe and fair casino with fair extras. What’s next?

Next, it’s time to take a look at the assortment of games offered by this site. We believe that a good gambling site offers hundreds of slot machines, dozens of card and an assortment of table games, and some other games (such as keno, bingo, etc). Of course, all the games must be licensed and all of them must be provided by the best mobile software developers, such as NetEnt,Playtech, BetSoft, and others. We also test the games to check their quality to make just reviews on them.

Factors #6—10

These 4 factors are not as important as the previous ones, but, as we’ve said, we test everything. So, let’s start with customer support.

The customer service team must respond fast, it must be professional, and of course, the specialists must know English well (because sometimes their English is somewhere between A1 and Google Translator). It would also be great if there is a 24/7 live chat and a toll-free telephone number so you can call them without paying or write to them on any day or time of the week.

Then, withdrawal and dep methods. Sometimes you can only pay with your credit card and withdraw only to your credit card, which is not so convenient. PayPal, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies — we choose the casinos that have as many withdrawal and dep methods as possible.

Usability. Whether it’s a mobile casino app or a website, it still must be easy to use. We test the sites — if they are not comfortable to use on a smartphone, they won’t get to our top list. But if they are, and meet or exceed all our other strict criteria, we will add them.

And of course, availability for old smartphones is very important. We think that the best casinos must be available even for users with old phones — if it’s a website, it must be well-optimized, and if it’s an app, it must work even on, say, Android 5.1. More than 42% of the Android phones in the world run on 4th, 5th, and 6th versions of this operating system. We think that they deserve to play casino games for mobile, too.

Are there any differences between playing from a smartphone and a laptop?

Yes, there are (not including the screen size). Let’s talk about them here.

Difference #1: download

When you play from your laptop or PC, you usually don’t have to download anything — yeah, sometimes the casinos request clients to download, but it’s a very rare occurrence nowadays. Mobile casinos, in their turn, often must be downloaded. It’s neither a good thing nor a bad thing, it’s just a thing you have to know before you start playing.

Difference #2: bonuses

The bonuses can be different, too. The thing is, lots of casinos want to encourage mobile users to play and to spend more, so they often offer special extras for such players. Thus, you can get more free spins if you’re a mobile player, as well as higher dep extras. Sometimes, casinos offer special no dep bonuses for those who play on smartphones.

What about the games?

But don’t worry, you still have a choice. There are still many games available on mobile casinos. Here, we’ll take a look at them.


According to the statistics, the majority of players prefer slots. If you’re one of these players, we have some good news for you. The point is, slots are the most popular online mobile casino games — so all the most popular casinos offer from dozens to hundreds of slot machines. What developers do you prefer? Microgaming, NetEnt, or maybe BetSoft? In all these cases, you’ll find something interesting on this page. Interesting bonuses, licensed games, latest updates — the assortment is very wide, so choose any casino and start playing. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


Want to play poker at any time? It’s simple as that. You can choose any type of the game — from Holdem to Chinese poker, from 5 Card Draw to 7 Card Stud. You can play with real opponents or with a computer, it’s up to you to choose. What’s more, you can even get cards from the real dealer — here, you’ll find lots of safe and popular live mobile casinos. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?


What about blackjack? Of course, all the casinos on our list offer the coolest versions of blackjack — you can play with a real dealer or with a computer dealer, you can place $1 bets or play as a high roller, you can do everything you want — and all this is available at any time and place. Choose the casino, sign up, make a dep, and start playing right now!


Almost every mobile phone casino offers at least several types of this game. American, European, French, even mini-roulette and roulette with a live dealer — all of them are available for mobile players. Choose one website among the USA accepted mobile casinos from our list, create an account, make a dep (or get a no dep bonus) and start playing right now! Red or black? It’s up to you to choose!

What else to know?

Use strategies, but not always. The thing is, despite lots of roulette and spin strategies are, in reality, all these games are random. The only strategy that will help you not to lose money is quit when you’re ahead — if you do that, you will always profit.

Double-check the T&C page. The thing is, we try our best to sort out the casinos with sticky bonuses and tricky terms, but you should always do your research. Don’t get confused by “too profitable” extras — there are always some pitfalls with such bonuses (such as very high requirements, for example).

When you finally choose one casino, stay with it. Almost all the mobile casino websites offer cool VIP programs and loyalty programs — so the more you play in one casino, the more bonuses you’ll get. Free spins, bonus money, special gifts — loyalty is rewarded in casinos, that’s a fact.

Only download the apps from Google Play or App Store. If the app is declined on these distribution services, it’s most likely not safe or not licensed properly.


📌 How many casinos are in mobile?

There are thousands of casinos in mobile. We don’t know the exact number, and no one knows the exact number actually — dozens of casinos are established every day, and dozens of them are closed every day. What’s more important is the number of safe US allowed mobile casinos — and this number is 17. The good news for you is that you can find all these safe, fair, and US-friendly mobile casinos here, on this page!

📌 When was the first mobile casino launched?

PlayTech and Microgaming were the pioneers of mobile casino games. They created their first mobile games in 2005, and they began with slots — of course, these slots were not even close to the slot machines you can play now on your new octa-core smartphone. The first mobile slot machine was called Pub Fruity (you can even try it now in 2020), and it was also created by Microgaming.

📌 How to find a secure mobile casino?

At first, you’ll have to check the certificates and licenses of the casino. Then, you’ll have to answer some questions. Is this casino licensed by a trustworthy licensing body? Is the license valid and real? Does it have the SSL certificate? Does it have the eCOGRA certificate? Does this casino offer the games by the trusted providers? What about its reputation, are there any negative reviews? If you don’t want to answer all these questions, you can just visit our website and choose the casino from our list. We’ve already done this job for you!

📌 How many casino players use mobile?

According to our experts, more than 85% of the casino players play from their mobile devices. It’s understandable — you can play such casinos anywhere, at any time, and there are hundreds of cool games available for Android and iOS devices. By the way, casinos do also know the statistics, so they offer fantastic bonuses for the new mobile players.

📌 How to play mobile casino?

First, choose the casino you like most. Then, click on it. After that, you’ll have to download the app or, if the casino doesn’t have an app, you’ll be able to play in your mobile browser. Almost all the casinos offer a free mode, so you won’t have to pay right after the registration.