Online Casino Websites For Real Money Available In The USA

How our specialists find the best real money casinos

Are you ready to risk your savings on suspicious casino websites? Neither are we. What is more, we never recommend such online platforms for our site visitors and subscribers. Our most experienced professionals conduct their own research to find out if a company offers something really good to the gamblers. Here, they share their knowledge and provide our website visitors with useful tips to help them find a good casino in the USA without much difficulty.

Step #1. Check if a platform is safe and licensed

So, you do not mind spending some real cash. Thus, you need a company that you pick to be the best and safest online casino that has it all, from fantastic slots and great professional team to real money games. You can call us Captain Obvious, but you would be surprised to know how many people ignore this and join the first site that promises them tons of money.

The first and most crucial thing that our experts analyze is the license. If the company is illegal, further research just does not make any sense. Then we check the software providers, data security systems, and find all the info on the platform itself (its origin, owner, stakeholders, etc.) The last step on this stage of our research is carefully reviewing customer feedback (we mostly focus on players from the USA.) Negative feedback, poor-quality casino software, lots of bugs, crackable encryption, and suspicious owners are the bad sings that we never miss.

Step #2. Learning more about the types of games

Game selection is another significant aspect. Good platforms offer a tremendous number of games to attract as many customers as possible. We appreciate such an approach, especially when slots, and some classy products like Blackjack or Craps, Bingo, and, of course, good old online Poker are really engaging. If high rollers and new players enjoy playing games on this platform, we recommend it without hesitation.

Step #3. Finding out if it is easy to cash out

There is also no denying that no matter how high the stakes are and how low wagering requirements a platform offers, the site cannot be a good one if it does not let players withdraw their earnings. It is not a secret that, just like in any other country, provide users with an opportunity to use various deposit methods. But it is not that simple if a user expects fast payouts and free cash.

We never forget to check if different payment systems like Skrill (or Moneybookers), PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard are available. We want our site visitors making a deposit to feel safe. We check if a random user can win real money here, and more importantly, if they can cash it.

Step #4. How good is a company’s loyalty system?

The competition in this business is more than just fierce. The owners of casinos do not even hide the known fact that they gain huge profits, and that obviously leads to an increase in the number of platforms accepting US players. Is this a reason for online gamblers to stop searching for good casino sites? If you developed a good strategy or if you are a lucky man, you can get some free money (we mean tons of crisp dollar bills.)

You can also maximize your chances of hitting a big jackpot by choosing an American casino that offers really big bonuses to its players. Our most qualified specialists analyze all the programs and in detail before we put it into the top of online casinos for people gambling in 2019. There are 2 main types of rewards that are crucial:

  • Bonuses that can attract the new users: welcome offers like no deposit reward for joining the site, rewards for the 1st or 2nd deposit, etc., and Free Spins.
  • Mind-blowing rewards for regular customers: jackpots, special day bonuses, tournaments, etc.

We also analyze the bonus terms in detail. Unfortunately, even the legal casinos do not just give their money to everyone setting up an account on the site. That means a user will need to wager a certain amount (bonuses may be different, from $50 to $200) at least a few times (depends on the policy of the company, in some cases new users need to wager the sum up to 200 times.) If it is nearly impossible to get bonus money, we do not include it to our list.

Some more important things about online gaming

Are you going to search for best sites for US players by yourself? That is great! Please, feel free to explore the strategy we have described above. It has already proven to be very effective and really helpful when it comes to this business. But there are some important things we have not mentioned yet. So if you are going to find great casinos available online, not in Vegas, please, carefully read the info below.

  1. What about online gambling laws? Such an activity, i.e., playing games on the platforms available on the web is legal in certain states, and prohibited in the rest of the states. Does it mean that Americans except for people who live in New Jersey or Nevada are not allowed to gamble? Not exactly. There is no law according to which an individual playing online slots for real money (or playing any other games) commits a crime. Nevertheless, there are statutes that prohibit online casinos in the USA, i.e., private parties can play but cannot start a company which provides such kind of services. So, Americans usually use the services provided by the legal entities operated from another country.
  2. How to withdraw and deposit money in America? Just read the info in the Terms and Conditions section before joining any site. On some sites, the info about payment options is stored somewhere else, but it is always a separate section. If you do not want to use your bank card (Americans banks are prohibited from facilitating payments to online casinos, so this might be a correct decision), check if there are payment systems you can use. Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are the systems that most trusted websites use. Besides, gamblers who use the services offered by the companies mentioned above usually get paid faster than people who use their credit cards.
  3. Does customer support matter? Yes, it does. If you have ever sent money to anyone online, you probably faced with the necessity of contacting the Support Department at least once. And it turns into a problem when sending an email is the only way to receive a response. Try to find casinos that provide great support service around the clock or choose one in our top.
  4. Should I trust a casino review that I found on the WWW? Every player needs to read a review on a trusted site and dozens of reviews from other users. Compare the rankings. Are you absolutely sure that you want to make a max bet there? After you answer these questions, make your decision.


People say that the house always wins. Well, there is some truth. Still, our team cannot also deny that professional gamblers earn a lot of money. So what is the key to success? The secret is in self-control and knowing all the info on the site from deposit options to the most generous bonuses. We think that everyone who reached gambling age can enjoy the time spent on such platforms and win real cash in a casino. There is a huge number of websites where US players are accepted and welcomed. Just select the excellent, exceptional site, some of the incredibly engaging games, and gamble responsibly!


Where can I find legit online casinos?

There is a big number of very crucial aspects and factors that you need to pay attention to when selecting casinos that accept US players. What software does a platform use? What payment methods are available? How good are the games offered by this very company? Does it have any license? Is it safe to play? If you do not want to waste your time analyzing this, please, feel free to look through the top websites on this web page.

What platforms are safe to play real cash and get paid in the United States?

If you are searching the best company, check if a site

  1. has a proper license;
  2. uses top data security system;
  3. does not accept gamblers below the legal age;
  4. cooperate with well-known companies that allow money transfers to be made through the Web;
  5. lets the player withdraw cash.

How to play with real money?

Select the most reputable platform, set up an account (provide relevant information about yourself), choose a payment system that you want to use, spend some cash on your 1st deposit, play and win.

What is the best casino for real money?

The best licensed gambling company for American players is Number 1 in our ranking. “..” is a platform with an excellent reputation and the tremendous number of users worldwide.

Where can an adult play for real money?

Internet gambling is fully legal in such states as New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada. There are also states where such activity is still being considered. They are West Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.

What is the min amount you have to deposit?

Usually, the min deposit is from 10 to 20 US dollars. Please note that if you want to score big, you will spend a bit more. Read the reviews on our web page to learn where you will spend less on your bet.

What are the best slots available online?

All games that can be easily accessed by players from the USA can be found on the web page. They are sorted by their quality by our best specialists, and you can access any time when you are in the mood to explore the magic world of gaming. You can select the slots that you really like and the trustworthy company from the list and enjoy playing them online.

Where to play real money craps from the US?

Do you like this dice game? So do we. Here, you can look through the list of the best craps games. Just follow the links and find the coolest games in safe and 100% mobile-friendly platforms that proudly accept people from the USA.

How to play keno?

There are lots of games on a few hundred sites that you can find in the World Wide Web, but if you are a Keno fan, you can pick a game from our top list and start playing immediately. We also made a list of the outstanding sites where you can have some fun playing amazing games and get huge loyalty rewards if luck is on your side today.

How to play Baccarat online?

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