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Hello, dear gambler! If you are on this page, you definitely love playing online games and using the CoinBase gambling system. So, especially for you, we have prepared some helpful information for using your bitcoin wallet at an online casino with a Coinbase account. You can use it to:

  1. Check the best crypto casinos that work with CoinBase.
  2. Forget about scams.
  3. Forget about reporting to the tax office!

But the main pro is that you’ll learn how to create your personal CoinBase crypto wallet for crypto casinos and use it in trusted areas! We at Coinbase (defined below) respect and protect the privacy of visitors to our websites and our customers. This Privacy Policy describes our information handling practices when you access our services, which include our content on the websites located at,,,, or any other websites, pages, features, or content we own or operate (collectively, the “Site(s)”) or when you use the Coinbase mobile app, the Coinbase Card App (as defined below), any Coinbase, Coinbase Exchange, Coinbase Prime, or Coinbase Custody API or third party applications relying on such an API, and related services (referred to collectively hereinafter as “Services”).

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Why is CoinBase gambling better than Fiat Gambling — Ultimate reasons!

So why exactly CoinBase online gambling will be the best choice for your online gambling experience?

To be honest, the reasons in favor of crypto gambling are not as many. But all of them are valuable for players who use a bitcoin wallet for crypto casinos!

The first and main reason: the CoinBase wallet is a synonym for convenience, and you will be sure of it with our simple how-to instructions.

The second, yet still essential reason, is that a CoinBase account works on many online gambling sites. Last but not least, this crypto gambling area is safe for all bitcoin address wallets for exchanging fiat currency at Coinbase casinos!

So as you see, the CoinBase wallet with a bitcoin address has no alternatives. If you want convenient service with a secure wallet, this is the best choice.

Below, you will find simple instructions on how to use a bitcoin wallet at a bitcoin casino. Know how to exchange your fiat currency for depositing bitcoin at the chosen gambling site!

How to: Create your Coinbase wallet

The first and main thing that you need to do at a crypto gambling platform is this: create a deposit bitcoin on CoinBase for a bitcoin casino to get your deposit bonus. To do this safely, follow the next steps:

  1. Visit the main page of CoinBase wallet by following exactly our link. We shared it to protect you from scams and clones of CoinBase.
  2. Click on the button called “get started” to enter the sign in process.
  3. Fill out all the required fields.
  4. Validate your account for crypto exchange to buy bitcoin.
  5. Click the payment methods and choose a new payment method to refill your balance with fiat currencies.

That’s all. Now, you can engage in buying bitcoins and selling bitcoins with CoinBase. But we have to warn you that this is just the first step of your adventure into the world of gambling sites.

Want to link your wallet to the best bitcoin casino and forget about fiat currency with one of the chosen online coinbase casinos and other gambling sites? All you need to do is visit the CoinBase app.

Follow the simple instructions to get the address of your crypto Coinbase wallet.

Copy your crypto exchange wallet address to the payment method on the chosen crypto casinos for proper crypto gambling.

There’s one aspect of most providers of best bitcoin casino that provides fiat currency for gambling services. it is enough not only to refill but to withdraw your balance!

How to: Withdraw your winnings to bitcoin wallets

Now, when you have already won some cash at one of your favorite bitcoin casinos from our list, you have to withdraw it back to your deposit on the CoinBase platform. Then, cash out your Fiat wallet!

To do this, you should just visit your personal cabinet on the given gambling platform. Click the withdrawal button.

And the last yet important step is that you have to select the right cryptocurrency and copy the address of your CoinBase wallet to get the withdrawal to the right wallet.

Be careful, as crypto operations can’t be reversed if you enter the wrong bitcoin addresses and send bitcoin to the wrong guy! Then, selling crypto would be the only option left.

That’s all. Now, you have learned to keep your money from tax officers. Buy bitcoin, play in bitcoin casinos, sell bitcoin or crypto coins, and become richer with each day!

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Helpful information about CoinBase online gambling

First and the main question — are there any alternatives to CoinBase as the main crypto wallet to play online casinos? Here’s a mixed answer: on the one hand, online gambling platforms don’t care which of the wallets you choose to use or what approach for buying bitcoin you take.

But on the other hand, CoinBase gives you some approved areas that accept bitcoin, which are not scams! So if you want to play only in approved areas, better use CoinBase.

Available coins in crypto casinos

As of today, The CoinBase wallet provides you with the most popular and trusted cryptocurrencies. Some fiat currencies are available as well, which you can use during your gambling experience.

Here’s a list of them:

  • Bitcoin gambling CoinBase currency — all crypto exchange wallets provide it!
  • Bitcoin Cash — cheaper fees with a coinbase account for bitcoin casino
  • Ethereum — smart security makes it possible to pay safely!
  • Litecoin — the cheapest way to use money to play in the best bitcoin casino!
  • Tether — the most popular and stable coin to play with at online casinos.
  • Dogecoin — just for fun.
  • Chain Link — one of the approved fresh coins.
  • Neo — not a bad alternative to all other options.
  • Tron — a gambling-oriented currency!
  • Ripple — the main rival to Ethereum.

So as you see, all the most popular coins are available for withdrawal and refilling your balance at online casinos! And the blockchain to CoinBase gambling is the best way to keep everything clear and safe!

Does Coinbase ban you for gambling on an online casino?

So now we’re ready to solve the biggest problem of the most trusted cryptocurrency wallets. And it is about the legitimacy of using a crypto wallet as the payment method for online gambling. So, you will learn how to gamble using CoinBase!

Look, here’s how it goes. On the one hand, if you are scared that CoinBase will ban you due to gambling, you shouldn’t care about it. To be honest, CoinBase won’t bat an eye, provided that you are playing on trusted platforms.

There aren’t any specific rules in the CoinBase gambling policy that regulate this question, and you can create a Coinbase account without risking anything. If you leave the approved area to visit scam sites or other suspicious platforms, you will not be safe from their hidden tricks and catches.

So if you are playing on different scam online gambling areas, buying bitcoins there, CoinBase won’t satisfy your arbitrage request because they can’t help you with it.

Another point concerning CoinBase is the crypto exchange wallet, which helps you play in an online casino. See, such bitcoin deposits do not share your data with the tax office. So, you shouldn’t pay any taxes in your country for online gambling or bitcoin exchange if you use CoinBase as your payment method.

Less tax, less overpaying, more profit, huge earnings! If you wonder does Coinbase ban you for gambling, you already know the answer to the question! That is, if you read all the written above while paying attention.

if you want to learn how Coinbase protects you and your bitcoin wallets from scams, you have to read their policy and the information they collect. To establish an account and access our Services, we’ll ask you to provide us with some important information about yourself. This information is either required by law (e.g. to verify your identity), necessary to provide the requested services (e.g. you will need to provide your bank account number if you’d like to link that account to CB), or is relevant for certain specified purposes, described in greater detail below. As we add new features and Services, you may be asked to provide additional information.So now you know what personal information is collected.

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Conclusion — should you trust using CoinBase in online casinos?

In the end of this text about CoinBase and gambling, we should conclude all the information presented.

So let’s do it!

  1. CoinBase can’t ban you for any transactions done with crypto.
  2. They can’t protect you from scams.
  3. They can give you an approved and safe area where you shouldn’t care about anonymity or any tricks.
  4. it guarantees you withdrawal to bitcoin wallets in approved areas.
  5. It doesn’t send your data to the tax office when you send bitcoins.
  6. You can exchange your cryptocurrency for fiat currency without any hidden fees.

So, if you are a newbie to the best bitcoin casino options, we suggest you play on approved online gambling sites and use CoinBase as your main bitcoin wallet!


📌 Is CoinBase legit?

Any market and crypto wallets aren’t fully legit in most countries. But on the other hand, they’re not prohibited in most states either. This mixed situation gives you the possibility to avoid being caught by a tax officer or lawyer.

📌 Is CoinBase a safer bitcoin wallet than fiat currency?

CoinBase gives you many different levels of protection, but they can’t save you in prohibited areas. So if you want to play safely and guarantee your withdrawal, you have to play only in approved areas.This is what the official privacy policy at Coinbase states.

📌 Can scammers use CoinBase to trick you?

Scammers do not care about your payment methods. Still, they can use any crypto exchange wallets to catch your money and get a deposit bonus for most bitcoin casinos.

📌 Why is CryptoCurrency safer than fiat in terms of payment?

See, it doesn’t matter what type of currencies you use in online gambling areas.