Top Online Casinos in Ireland that are US Players Friendly

In the last decade, Ireland has had quite the progress as far as online gambling goes, although this progress hasn’t reached gaming offline. Still, Irish online casinos have a lot to offer to US citizens and to surprise them. USA Casino Expert will take you through all the points related to this topic.

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How to choose an online casino?

Online sportsbooks and casino gambling are recent additions to the list of permitted acts in Ireland, but they still run on all the International laws of online gambling. The legal side is the first thing a player pays attention to while choosing among best online casinos in Ireland to play at. Here are some other features:


Although the Irish law is now permissive of online gambling, it doesn’t provide for the licensing of casinos. Since a license is an important feature of the best online casinos in Ireland, local online casinos have to get their licenses from other places. Mostly, international gaming authorities like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority are the main licenses providers in Ireland.

Licenses are given when the casino websites are checked for certain important details. One of those details is safety. A safe online casino can be easily identified via the SSL certificate of the casino website. It shows the platform encrypts user data and it’s especially important in real money online casinos where financial data of users are collected. Another important detail is the fairness of the casino’s games, which is dependent on the software providers of the Irish casino online.

Games and software

The software providers aren’t only indications of the game fairness, but they also indicate what the game selection is like on Irish gambling sites. With a wide choice, you can easily avoid any winning process you find boring and head on to the next one. Whether you’re picking games that are of the same type but have different themes or designs, or you’re going for a completely different experience, the best online casinos in Ireland have you covered with both.


A real money Irish casino which is US players friendly has to provide payment methods appealing to US players. The greatest appeal is in speed. Generally, the best online casinos in Ireland are fast payout casinos, meaning transactions are completed very quickly. The speed could be in an instant or to be completed within 5 days. Different players have different waiting boundaries. But everyone gets worried when money processes aren’t done in a week. Another banking appeal for US players is currency and the conversion rates which will be addressed properly in the next few paragraphs.


US players will feel all the more welcome on online casinos in Ireland if there are obvious signs of the sites being designed to accommodate them. Localization takes effect in the form of language and currency. Good Irish casino online always has US Dollars in the list of their currencies accepted. If it’s not available, currency conversion should be at affordable rates. These are in place for situations where the US players wish to spend their money back home.

Localization in terms of language isn’t much of a problem for Irish gambling sites which are US friendly because Ireland’s official language is English. Any Irish casino will definitely have a setting for English.

Bonuses and loyalty programs

The best online casinos in Ireland convince people to try the casino out through welcome bonuses. Different casinos have different bonuses, but they’re commonly set to attract players, either through free spins or some other kind of bonuses. For existing players, they offer promotions, some are even designed to keep you coming back on a regular basis.

Site optimization

Irish gambling sites which are US players friendly are designed to be accessible on devices in Ireland and the US and enable easy navigation. By easily finding their way around, players can also easily search for information on the platform. A part of the site optimization is ensuring players can find the information they’re looking for and it’s up to date and accurate.

Customer support

Last, but definitely not the least is the ease with which players can solve their problems on Irish gambling sites. Customer support of the best online casinos in Ireland are accessible 24/7, easy to access, and aren’t biased towards certain players from certain places. Everyone runs into problems no matter how perfect the site might seem. The important thing is getting out of those.

Read expert and real player reviews

Peruse through different gambling review platforms and see which one does the most justice. Focus on payout speed, customer service, availability of desired games, bonus offers, and any other thing that matters to you. Learning from the real-life experience of players and experts is an important step. It keeps you off the path of making regrettable mistakes you could have avoided if you were informed.

Types of online casinos

Online gambling in Ireland isn’t just about placing wagers on the popular casino games. It’s about enjoying the whole process! Here are the main casino types to try:

Live casinos

This is the best way technology brings an offline feeling to the table. It basically involves players playing with other real players rather than software programs. Most of the games on live casinos are live dealer ones.

Instant play casinos

As the name implies, you just open up your browser, choose a game on the site, and start playing. It all happens instantly. All sorts of games are available on instant casinos and they require no installations, updates, and the likes. However, they aren’t a favorite for a lot of people because of the time it takes to load on the browser.

Download casinos

As the opposite of instant casinos, these Irish online casinos require a download, installation, and periodic updates. The great part about download casinos is the avoidance of browser and loading related problems. However, download casinos also come with downsides such as device compatibility and the time spent downloading or updating.

Types of online casino games

The variety of games, thanks to the number of software providers is amazing as far as online gambling in Ireland is concerned. However, the thousands of games all fall into certain types of online casino games and they mostly just differ by themes and designs. Here are the major types.

Online slots

The online version of this game hasn’t left much of the original version behind except the consoles and other physical features of the machines. The gameplay still involves placing wagers on spinning reels with hopes of hitting a pay line. A great addition to the game type is progressive jackpots which high rollers certainly enjoy as it helps them stack up their money.


Another game which relies heavily on luck just like slots. It involves placing a bet on where a ball on a spinning wheel is going to land. Players can win based on color, number or section.


One of the most popular casino games and a must-have for every live casino. This is because it involves dealers and the aim of the game is beating the dealer to a perfect combination of cards that add up to the number 21.


This is another card game involving dealers so you’re also bound to find it on live casinos. It involves players and bankers with only three possible outcomes where either of both parties win, or it’s a tie. Baccarat isn’t completely strategic and at the same time, it isn’t completely based on luck. So, it applies to players regardless of whether they would believe their luck or believe in their skill.

Video poker

With a console just like slots in physical casinos, this game is hard to overlook. In fact, many have made fortunes by playing this game, and many want to become high rollers just like them.

Bonuses convince players they’ll be getting a lot more than what their money is worth. So, many of the best online casinos in Ireland implement them. Here are the most popular ones:

Welcome bonus

This is how the best online casinos in Ireland say hi to new players. Welcome bonuses can take on different forms, most of which are mentioned below.

No deposit bonus

Although Irish online casinos offering these are a little hard to find, it doesn’t stop most from looking. It involves placing wagers to win real money without a cent leaving your bankroll. No deposit bonuses are mostly very limited, occurring once or twice in a period of time.

Free spins

There’s a certain satisfaction for gamblers which comes from watching reels spin in hopes of a pay line. Because of this, social casinos exist where players can spin reels for no real money, but they won’t be getting real money rewards either. However, in real money casinos offering bonuses, free spins are one of the best rewards. Players get to place their wagers on the reels and earn from the jackpots without paying anything. They’re basically no deposit bonuses but solely for slot games.

Other bonuses for existing players can come in the form of periodic bonuses where gamblers get a reward for coming to the casino on certain days. Whether the bonuses are for new players or existing ones, most times, they come with terms. Players can’t claim the bonuses until they meet the requirements. Hence, before falling for the perks of the bonus, look at what it’ll cost you even though it’s not usually money.

Most used payment methods in Irish online casinos

The best online casinos in Ireland are fast payout casinos. The fast payout casinos that are US players friendly usually include the following payment options.
Debit/Credit cards such as Maestro, MasterCard, and Verve.

PayPal, although this is occasionally just a deposit method and can’t be used for withdrawal.

E-Wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

To find out whether a particular option works for deposits or withdrawals, go to the casino cashier and take a look at the listed methods under both sides before deciding which to use.

Online gambling laws in Ireland

Online gambling in Ireland is forbidden offline. There are no major casinos in Ireland. However, thanks to loopholes in the law, gambling activities can take place in private establishments allowed to call themselves ’private gambling clubs’. There are currently about 12 of such clubs.

Online gambling in Ireland was allowed by the law in the last decade and many gamblers are grateful for this. In general, people see a future for gambling in Ireland, as the government has been looking into modernizing the system.

Irish online casino FAQ

📌 Is it legal to gamble online in Ireland?

Yes. Online gambling doesn’t break any Irish laws.

📌 Can I win real money on Irish casino online?

Yes. There are real money Irish online casinos where players can make real money deposits to win real cash.

📌 What currencies can I wager in?

This depends on the casino’s localization. An Irish casino online with that support other currencies gives you a chance to use any currency from the list to gamble. So check this point before starting to play.

📌 What games can I play at an Irish online casino?

This largely depends on the casino in question. But some general games you are sure to find include video games, table games, slots, and pokers.

📌 What are live casino games?

This is a touch of real-life to casino games. You’d be able to see and communicate with the live dealer on your webcam as in a physical casino. They’re a relatively new addition and they definitely add to the fun of gaming.