Top Online Casinos in South Africa that are US Players Friendly

Gambling in South African casinos is majorly misunderstood. This is because gambling is believed to be illegal. This is true but shouldn’t be an issue for online gamblers outside SA because gambling is only considered illegal within the boundaries of South Africa. The law has been amended to license some South African casinos for gambling activities within South Africa. All of these mean players outside South Africa can gamble on the online casino’s website.

South African gambling is such a great gaming experience. It’s for this reason the South African online casinos have been attracting players from all over the world. Their services are effective, easy to access, and very rewarding. Enlightening information on South African online casinos is shared below.

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How to choose an online casino?

Choosing the best online casino in South Africa isn’t an easy task. Having to consider various factors, it may consume your time. US Casino Expert offers players to have a plan of what they want. Before you make a choice, decide whether you want to do this solely for gambling or for another reason. Deciding helps you take into account other factors which will make your choice a better experience.

Find out answers to the following questions:

  • Are the bonuses real?
  • Do they offer fast payouts?
  • How fair are their games?
  • What payment options are available?
  • What varieties of games are available?
  • Are the games really engaging?

Once these questions are answered, players will already have pointers to choosing the most appropriate online casinos for themselves.

Read expert and real player reviews

Reviews are very important in using an SA online casino. Reviews are pointers to what’s right or wrong with a casino. Players who read reviews are usually a step ahead of others. They’re informed of all the services the online casinos in South Africa offer, new trends in internet gambling, winning strategies, what games are functional, and which ones aren’t.

Always take time to read players’ reviews. They answer many questions and help prevent avoidable errors.

Types of online casinos

Casinos are designed to reflect very thoughtful planning. From services, games, and offers, casinos show a high level of difference. There are various types of online casinos based on different characteristics. Here are the types of casinos based on the mode of operations.

Download-based casinos

Download-based casinos are casinos that run on an applicable download features. The download feature most times refers to software. Other times the download feature could be an application. South African casinos that are download based are amongst the fastest casinos. This is because the cache data is saved to the player’s phone. As opposed to the mobile casino website which first needs to load, the data can be quickly loaded from the player’s device.

Website based casinos

Website based casinos only run on websites. Players will need to access all of the casino services from the website. If he doesn’t want to have all gambling data saved to his device, he can easily opt for the website based online casinos in South Africa.

Live dealer casinos

Live dealer casinos have a completely different feature. They may be download based or website based. The distinction to their mode of operation is a human factor. Live-based online casinos in SA use a human feature to direct the games. The aids used in games such as cards are also real. These casinos offer a live feature whereby players can watch and participate via a live feed. This way, players can watch all activities as they go on. Players who don’t trust the random generation system used at any online casino in South Africa tend to prefer this type of casino.

Types of online casino games

Table games

Table games are games of chance. They involve players playing against other people or against the casino itself. There’s a long list of table games, some of which are: Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Craps, Big Six Wheel, Ultimate Texas Holden
There’s a wide variety of table games and their categories available in South African online casinos. One of which is the poker. Playing poker involves the usual play of chance. An extra distinction to the poker games is that it involves skill.

Another table game worthy of mention is the BlackJack. It’s popular because it offers multiple odds and has different variations. This means there’s a chance for any tweak you’ll add to your current play, already exists in a different variant.


Slot games work just like the fortune whee: on the principle of spinning a wheel with symbols to match with players’ predictions. The slot games are strictly based on luck and aren’t governed by any form of strategy.

Specialty games

The specialty games would refer to the games that don’t fall into the slots and table games categories. Examples of this kind of games are lottery games and scratch tickets.

Many online casinos, including South African online casinos, are very liberal with bonuses. Bonuses serve many purposes. They help to make new players feel welcomed. They help to keep things running in the absence of deposits. They also help to keep the enthusiasm of players in check. Internet gambling in South Africa comes highly rewarded. Some of the most popular types of bonuses are:

Welcome bonuses

South African casinos offer newly registered players welcome bonuses. To get activities up and running on an online casino, you have to create an account. As much as it’s a general thing to be offered bonuses, the way they’re credited to players’ accounts and the way they‘re offered to players differ.

Whilst some casinos offer it immediately upon registration as free access to certain games and certain difficulty levels, others provide them only after players have made their first deposit. Another way the bonuses are given is via extra spins or increased percentages on winnings.

Another interesting angle to welcome bonuses in South African online casinos, is whilst some of the bonuses may be withdrawn, others may not. This generally depends on the casino and the form of the bonus offered. For example, slots or free access to games can’t be withdrawn. If however, the welcome bonus comes in the form of increased percentages on winnings, then it can be withdrawn.

Loyalty bonus

Loyalty bonuses refer to bonuses offered to the very loyal users of the SA online casino. They usually come with loyalty programs and aren’t available to general users. The casino gets to determine who qualifies for both the program and the program as a whole. General requirements may include having spent a certain amount on gambling, constant usage of the services of the casino over a period of time, and consistency in gambling.

Players looking to enjoy the loyalty bonus would have to find out the qualifying details from their preferred online casinos as these requirements differ.

Most used payment methods in SA online casinos

Internet gambling in South Africa is loved for its flexibility that’s seen in how varied the payment options are. Players have a long list of convenient methods to choose from. All of these payment methods may be put in three broad categories to include:

Credit or Debit cards

These are the most popular means of making payments in SA online casinos. They’re also fast and very effective.

Bank Transfers

This is easy to carry out from any part of the world. It’s relatively a safe option too. This is because it’s regulated by your bank. The absence of the use of a card also makes it a much-preferred option.


Electronic wallets have risen to become one of the best payment options. There’s a wide variety of them so players can easily navigate through their most preferred. E-wallets are a relatively fast payment option. Once your account is funded, just direct it to where it needs to go.

Broader lists of the most popular methods also include EcoPayz, Skrill, American Express, Diners Club.

Online gambling laws in South Africa

There are a number of laws that govern gambling in South African casinos. These laws are constantly under review. This is why gambling which was once illegal has become legal for some casinos under the operation of a license. All of the laws are under the National Gambling Act of South Africa.

This National Gambling Authority only oversees the betting within the country. Consequently, many of these gambling laws however apply only to land-based casinos. Although it’s illegal to advertise online gambling to South African residents, residents of other countries have no business with these laws.
Gamblers from outside of South Africa, therefore, cannot get into any trouble gambling at the SA online casino.

SA online casino FAQ

📌 Are South African casinos safe?

Yes, they’re. Before South African casinos can operate they have to get a license that permits their activities. This is as a result of the questions around internet gambling in South Africa. Players then can check the website of the online casino, to confirm their online casino has the needed license to operate. Once the license is confirmed, the casino is safe.

📌 How soon can I make withdrawals of my winnings?

There’s no general answer to this. The time frame for withdrawals differs across various casinos. This may be due to a number of reasons ranging from withdrawal method, account verification, and security checks. The standard withdrawal time frame depending on the withdrawal method is usually displayed on the casinos’ website.

📌 Do strategies work in winning games?

Many games on online casinos are strictly guided by luck. A few games may require skill but the majority of the games are luck-based. Some boast about winning strategies and ways to predict the games. The truth however is, many of them don’t work. Players are to learn of them at their own discretion.

📌 What payment method is the best to use?

The best payment method depends on what you want. If you’re more concerned about safety then you may want to consider bank transfers. Bank transfers may not be as fast as e-wallets. If it’s the speed you’re looking for, you may consider yet another option. The best option then is to carefully check through the website for peculiarities.