Bitcoin (BTC) Online Casinos

Bitcoin (BTC) is a new and relatively secure payment option. Transactions with BTC, unlike the other traditional payment methods such as credit cards or cash fund transfers, are neither controlled nor monitored by any single facility or group of individuals. This makes transactions that involve the Bitcoin payment option more secure than conventional payment plans.

Also, individuals who make use of BTCs for their transactions can do so entirely anonymously. This is why a great number of online Bitcoin casinos have now adopted the digital currency as a means for casino enthusiasts to do what they like.



How to use Bitcoin for online casino deposits?

After weighing the strengths and downsides of BTC, you might begin to wonder how Bitcoins can be used for deposits online in casinos. This is not stressful at all. In making deposits at an online Bitcoin casino, be in possession of a certain amount of BTC. Begin by creating a BTC wallet if you don’t already own Bitcoin, and you won’t need to give any personal data, other than username and password.

After you choose a way to get a wallet, begin to buy Bitcoin from exchanges that are also available online. When you have the Bitcoin currency and come to the online casino that accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment (is provided at, there is no stress getting the rest done.

Access the cashier, click Bitcoin as a deposit option, and take note of the Bitcoin address of the website. You can now send the BTC amount you’d like to deposit via your wallet to the Bitcoin address of the online casino. And your account will be credited in an hour or less so you can begin obtaining casino bonuses and playing your favorite games.

How to withdraw winnings using the Bitcoin payment method?

After making deposits and earning winnings, it’s natural to make withdrawals. An advantage of withdrawing Bitcoin is that transaction processing occurs swiftly. It’s usually short-takes, roughly less than 10 minutes to complete.

To actualize withdrawals, log into your account and access the section known as ‘cashier.’ After this, indicate the amount to withdraw and select the Bitcoin wallet where the money should be stored.

You can then withdraw Bitcoins and convert them into your preferred currency. Another alternative is to exchange them through a cryptocurrency exchange website where it’s possible to purchase. Or you can sell your Bitcoins through using various fiat currencies and alternative cryptocurrencies other than BTC. Because Bitcoin is just like most products in an economy where the rules of demand and supply also apply, it’s logical to wait till there’s about to be an increase in Bitcoin price.

At this stage, you can then withdraw winnings to maximize your earnings by converting your Bitcoins to your desired currency. You don’t have to withdraw them unless you want to. The best advice is not to withdraw until the Bitcoin has reached a good selling value.

How safe is the Bitcoin payment method?

Amongst other considerations, why the BTC currency is increasing so rapidly lately is because it’s an extremely secure way of making payments. Bitcoin operates on blockchain technology. It uses it to store and run transactions. And this makes financial management more security efficient than it has ever been.

Diverse BTC casinos promote the use of Bitcoin as a sure guard against fraud. Most times, Bitcoin currency, instead of other means, puts you on a path where doubts about safety are of no avail. First, your banking details will never be disclosed. Secondly, you’re totally anonymous, and your details aren’t exposed. So, vulnerability to theft is out.

The only thing to consider carefully is your Bitcoin key. This encryption code is what gives you access to your eWallet. Be certain that you have kept your Bitcoin key written somewhere safe. This is because if you lose the key, your money won’t be accessible. In summary, you can leave your worries about the safety of your money out when you are using BTC.

How to find reliable online casinos that use the Bitcoin payment method?

Do your research on the site before you choose an online casino that accepts Bitcoins. Read the existing member reviews and check the site functionality. The same goes for gaming titles and bonuses. Since online casinos should offer much more than just diverse banking options, all of these factors should be taken into consideration before a final selection is made.

To find reliable online casinos that use Bitcoin as their payment method, you don’t have to look too far. This information is available here at

Our reviewing process: How to find a good Bitcoin casino?

Our main criterion for selecting secure Bitcoin casinos is the cashout speed. Our recommended casinos are faster, and this is more effective when you want to withdraw your winnings.

We also recommend online casinos offering different incentives, bonuses, and special offers. Casinos that offer grade “A” customer assistance via live chat, email, and phone call to ascertain that you have an excellent gambling adventure are also on our top list.

We select the online casinos that are well-regulated by several organizations to certify your fair treatment and see to the proper protection of your vital information. We look for duly accredited online casino websites. For US players, we ensure that online casinos are properly licensed to operate in the US.