PayPal Online Casinos

Deposits Via PayPal In The US Online Casinos

Do you want to know more details about how the famous payment method works? If the answer is yes, go on reading! In this article, I’ll talk about PayPal and its features. Besides, I’ll mention its advantages and disadvantages. Also, I’m going to explain how to open an account in this system and how to use this payment method to deposit money in such casinos as US Casino Expert. Find it out!

Use PayPal in an online casino to deposit money

You’ve probably heard of this payment system already. But maybe you’ve never used it or don’t know how it works with casinos replying on a PayPal deposit.

Thus, I will explain every step you should follow. You’ll see that it isn’t rocket science!

1. Log in to the casino and go to the Banking section

The first thing you should do is to log in to the casino sites that accept PayPal. Once you do it, go to the ‘Banking’ or ‘Deposits and Withdrawals’ section. This section is usually in the upper right corner.

2. Select PayPal and choose the online casino deposit amount

It’s located in the section called “Alternative Methods.” Select the amount you want to enter at the best PayPal casino sites.

3. Log in to the payment system and confirm the payment

You’ll be redirected to the PayPal website, where you must log in with your email and password. The site will show you to a second screen where you have to confirm the operation. Select the payment method associated with your PayPal account that you want to use. Then click on the ‘Pay now’ button. Ready! You finished the deposit process.

4. Receive your funds at the legit online casino PayPal and start playing.

Usually, all deposits through PayPal are processed immediately. Thus, when you return to the casino, your funds will be waiting for you. Use it to have fun with your favorite games!
Is it your first deposit in the online casinos that accept PayPal deposits? If yes, you may have to pass the identity verification.

Withdrawals from an online casino with PayPal

It’s a smooth process. Online casinos that accept PayPal allow the manipulations with funds via this method. So, if you have some income on your gambling account, and you want to withdraw it, you can do it through this same method.

Why is PayPal not accepted in all casinos?

It’s due to the high requirements for the service provider. Thus, only prestigious and credible casinos are associated with popular e-wallets. The casinos that accept this payment method are reliable. They deserve your trust! Besides having all valid licenses, they meet the requirements to ensure the safety of users.

Regulators track every single online casino that accepts PayPal. They ensure that everything works legally and correctly. Payment percentages must be transparent in the online casino if it wants to accept PayPal.

The results in the games have to correspond to the random principle too. For PayPal, these business practices are essential. It’s because of the company’s bad experience with online casinos in the United States.

It happened after the law against illegal gambling venues that appeared in 2006. There were fines to all providers of payments who cooperated with unlawful online casinos. Since then, the company has been very meticulous in choosing its partners. Now it represents a quality label applicable to online casinos.

Security and privacy of the payment system

The transactions that are handled today on the Internet are completely different from those made a few years ago. PayPal had an essential role in the development of security measures. The information exchange between the customer and the wallet is encrypted. The user account details mustn’t be transferred again for each new transaction. And Paypal is good at keeping your data from third parties interference.

Secure payments on PayPal

The account information will remain within the system. The highlight of PayPal is that your account or credit card numbers are kept hidden. The casino or other recipient sees only your email because the wallet makes the payment on your name.

So, if the beneficiary is compromised, your account information will remain protected. The best example of security originates from the former PayPal mother company. It was the eBay auction house.

If someone steals your customers‘ data, the payment system accounts would be secure and unaffected. The company has not only become a market leader in electronic payment systems, but it also won several relevant awards. TÜV Saarland certifies the highest standards in data protection and computer security. The EGR award for “Innovation in payment solutions 2014” was also given to this payment system.

How does PayPal payment work?

The use of this system is also very easy for users with less technological experience. Registration is divided into simple steps and done quickly. Only the receiving of the link with the source of the payment (the current origin of the money) takes little time. It’s a standard transfer with your financial institution. So, the steps you need to take are the following:

# 1 Create a PayPal account

Enter your necessary information, such as name, address, and more. They use the personal secret question when the user forgets the password. It’s made for secure access to the email address. Then the origin of the payment is selected – credit card or bank account.

# 2 Verification of the source of payment

PayPal makes a trial transfer to your bank account or credit card. The sum is 1 cent, and for its use, it carries a security code. You enter it in PayPal, and the owner of the payment source is confirmed.

# 3 Choose the PayPal online casino the USA

Now you’re redirected to the main system’s page. Here you enter the access data and confirm the deposit. They do it immediately, and the system adds the desired amount to your casino balance. This process takes only a few seconds.

Do you have to pay fees?

No, they are financed by the PayPal casinos USA operators. It means that all the money you enter in the venue stays on your balance in its entirety without any deductions. The withdrawal of funds can be obtained through PayPal again. It will happen without deductions because the casino pays the corresponding fees.

The time to process the withdrawal of money differs. You can’t make the withdrawals immediately to prevent money laundering. First, the beneficiary’s identity and the bonus wagering requirements must be verified. The casino will need a copy of your identity document as a mandatory regulatory measure.

To sum up

PayPal payment system is easy to use and available in many countries and online casinos. It guarantees customers a high level of protection, works with real money, and allows you to conduct financial transactions using mobile devices with the Android operating system (version 4.2 and higher).

The main disadvantages of PayPal are transaction fees. Withdrawals to a bank card are done exclusively in national currency. Besides, it provides no ability to maintain anonymity. However, the benefits surely outstand these drawbacks, so you can try this method yourself with no worries about security or convenience.