UPayCard Online Casinos

Find Out More About Online Casinos That Take UPayCard In The USA

This is a payment method launched in 2013. It allows users to deposit from an electronic wallet to UPayCard casinos. This payment method differs from Neteller and Skrill for its absence of fees.

Registration is free and requires some personal information from you. A new UPayCard user must enter his/her name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and email. Then he/she needs to provide a copy of their identity card. These requests are standard. They are made to please the requirements of the British Regulatory Commission.

UPayCard works like a normal e-wallet. You can fund your account by several means, including bank transfers. Each user can request a prepaid MasterCard card linked to this wallet. You can use it to pay or withdraw funds. All in all, UPayCard means a fast, secure, and discrete method of payment. It can be used in any online casino accepting UPayCard.

Variety is its core competitive advantage

This payment method has a wide choice of currencies. The list of them includes euros, dollars, British pounds, yen, bitcoin, HKD, and more. Please see the full list of currencies on the UPayCard website.

Pay less and get more with UPayCard

Please note that you’ll have fewer fees with this payment method than with Neteller and Skrill. Money transfers between account holders are free, and there are no monthly fees. UPayCard has made great efforts. Unlike the leader Neteller, they’re focused on not to impose systematic fees on its users.

Convenience in usage

It’s easy to deposit funds or withdraw winnings with this payment method at the UPay casinos in the USA. The most suitable solution is precisely the electronic wallet. This payment method is about to become one of the most reliable e-wallets. They also cooperate with the casinos accepting UPayCard. And it’s a perfect combination! I strongly recommend you to try your luck in the US Expert Casino.

What is an UPayCard casino?

Let’s figure this question out. What online casinos take the UPayCard? The ones that accept the prepaid card do take the electronic wallet of this company too.

Since its arrival at online casinos accepting UPayCard such as Casino Expert, it has made me crazy. It may be our next favorite payment option at casinos that use it, and I’ll tell you why.

Making an Upaycard deposit is anonymous and fast. You can request payment of our winnings at casinos accepting UPayCard. It means that you’ll receive our withdrawals directly into our wallets. I can see security, speed, and quality as key advantages of this card.

This e-wallet exists to ease our payments in the online casinos that take UPayCard in the USA. Moreover, it meets the high security standards. Namely, UPayCard operates under UK law and adheres to the best security protocols. This fact allows full security at online US UPayCard casinos. So, you can never worry about your money.

Is the Upaycard a genuinely reliable payment solution?

This wallet is just as reliable as Neteller. It also has a partnership link with MasterCard. So, there’s nothing new, apart from the fact that you have to open a free Upaycard account.

Those who have an Upaycard account can create different accounts for each currency. Thus, you can avoid the exchange rate. This is highly appreciated by the Americans!

Pros of the UPayCard

UPayCard works with MasterCard, which means that the card is accepted at most stores around the world. The card has its own bitcoin wallet, as well as a mobile application. This allows you to view the balance on the go.

Security is also impressive while accessing the UPayCard service. Users have the option to enable two-factor authentication and add a PIN and password.

Transferring money between cardholders is completely free, which means that bank fees are charged. UPayCard offers most of its services for free to its users. There is no monthly maintenance fee. What is more, it’s free to create an account, and there is no inaction fee.

Cons of the UPayCard

Users who try to find a Bitcoin card that stores them anonymously will be left unhappy. You’ll be asked to verify your identity with an official government-issued identity card. You may also be required to provide proof of address and other “Know Your Customer” requirements.

Instant Upaycard Deposits and Withdrawals

The fees are meager, and opening an UPayCard account is free.

Once registered, add funds to your account. Then request a physical MasterCard for free. Buying it will cost nothing, but buying a virtual debit card – around €2. Yet, there are shipping costs (about €7) and monthly processing fees (€1).

There are 2 ways to withdraw your winnings from Upaycard casinos:

You can use the virtual MasterCard only online. The websites that accept these cards will take this method too.
The UPayCard MasterCard can be used to withdraw your money from the ATM.

This electronic wallet is not very well known to online casino players. But, it’s only a matter of time! UPayCard should make you forget Neteller. Minimal fees, free transfers, and instant withdrawals.

The arrival of the Upaycard electronic wallet at the online casino

This is the new best deposit, withdrawal, and storage option. UPayCard is perfect for the USA online casinos. You can use them to make deposits and withdrawals at the casinos that take UPayCard. Online transactions are protected. Withdrawals and money transfers at the UPayCard casino are instant and secure.

Creating an account online is quick and easy. If you need extra information, the UPayCard site offers 24/7 chat support. It also includes the option of translation to French via Google Translate.

UPayCard Mobile App

This is a special feature. Unlike most wallets, this one has its mobile app with full functionality. The app is fluid and optimized. On the Sign-up page, the screen display adapts to the size of your mobile, and all the tabs are visible.

Access to the Upaycard website on mobile or tablet is so natural. There we receive SMS notifications when we get money in our Upaycard account. For reliability, you have all the information about the company here.

Open an Upaycard account, deposit, and withdraw your cash. It costs absolutely nothing to start using this system, to receive money on it, and to fund it via bank transfer. Requesting a physical debit card is also free, but there is a minimal handling fee.

There are some withdrawal and activity limits. But they are similar or less expensive than in Neteller. The UPaycard wallet is as trustworthy as its most famous competitor, and the ease of use is identical.

How to use UpayCard on casino sites?

You can make safe and quick deposits without any problems using UpayCard as your preferred payment method at the casino. Most casinos such as US Casino Expert offer a wide selection of payment methods to be competitive. However, one important thing that you should always check is the bonus requirements.

Most casinos have special conditions regarding the payment method that was used to make the initial deposit. Basically, if you have made a deposit using electronic wallets or in any other specified way, you won’t receive a welcome bonus. No matter how attractive some offers suggested by the casinos look attractive, always check your safety when making payments on the Internet.


UPayCard is an adapted, complete, and secure payment solution. It allows you to find anonymity at the online casinos while accepting this method. It’s perfect because you can use it as an electronic wallet, prepaid card, and MasterCard debit. And it’s secure because it obeys the strictest data protection laws.