Chumba Casino Update

We do not recommend Chumba Online Casino for playing in 2020. It is better to choose one of this list of online casinos.

Founded in 2012 by VGW, Chumba offers a wide variety of games and unique payment details. The Chumba Casino is famous among American players as it outsmarts the gambling restrictions. I believe the casino is worth its popularity spot. Make sure to read my review until the end to find out everything about this gambling platform.

Pros and Cons


  • Accepts American players. It is very convenient as a lot of famous online casinos do not support Americans.
  • 24/7 support. No matter day or night, you can always ask about anything you would like to know about.
  • Bitcoin and Litecoin accepted. Cryptocurrencies are the new trend, so, remarkably, this casino supports such methods.
  • Quick cashout. The money is quickly withdrawn, without any conflicts.
  • Daily tournaments. That’s extra fun for players to have during their sessions.


  • Only one game provider. Unfortunately, you are going to stick to games from only one company, but the choice will be bigger in the future.
  • You can withdraw money only once a week. Yes, you are going to have to wait a week before withdrawing another amount, but it does not anyhow harm casual players.
  • The withdrawal limit is ten thousand dollars a month. This is yet another unpleasant, but not too serious restriction players will have to live with.

Payment and withdrawal

A very peculiar thing about Chumba casino is their currencies. There are two different kinds of them:

  1. Gold coins;

Gold coins are only virtual and have no value in real life. With signing up, you are going to receive two million of them.

  1. Sweeps Cash.

Sweeps cash, though, is very valuable and is the main currency of Chumba. It is important because you can exchange it for US cash prizes. 

This clever system allows players from every state to completely avoid the gambling restrictions and use the Chumba casino. In my opinion, it is quite an interesting way to outsmart the restrictions.

Deposits and withdrawals to and from Chumba can be made using Visa, Mastercard, or Skrill. One hundred dollars is the minimum withdrawal amount. The withdrawing process lasts from five to ten days.

Bonus policies

Chumba casino offers some promotions and bonuses like the “No Purchase bonus.” For a start, I thought that it is discouraging, but believe me, there are still good points about this casino.


There are different kinds of promotions:

  1. Free spins;
  2. Free coins;
  3. Top up bonuses.

No Purchase Bonus

“The No Purchase Bonus” suggests the following bonuses on sign up:

  1. Two million gold coins;
  2. Free Sweeps or, in other words, Sweep Cash.

First Purchase Bonus

Overall, it is a very popular bonus. With your first donation to the site, you are going to receive extra money. The only difference among the casinos is the percentage from your deposit that is going to match it.

The Reload Bonus

This bonus is activated if a player has not funded his account for a long time. Then, the person receives an amount of money which depends on his deposit.

The casino offers links from which you can register. If you use these links, you will receive additional bonuses upon signing up. 

The VIP Program

The VIP program is also included. It gives points to every wager to get extra credits and different kinds of gifts.


There are also different kinds of games, like:


There are a lot of different kinds of slots: 

  • With the progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot slots mean that you can bet as much as you want and still win a decent amount of cash which piles up and creates a massive jackpot. To try to win the jackpot, you will need to catch a special bonus in the slot.

  • Classic three-reel machines
  • Modern types of slots

The Chumba casino offers many games to play, including:

  1. Reelberry blast;
  2. Outerspace invaders;
  3. Monsoon dragons;
  4. Spell of Odin;
  5. Stampede Fury.

There is also the autoplay function included for the gambler’s comfort.


Blackjack is a card game in Chumba and there is only one table available right now. It is a rather different experience than slots as in card games you control the flow more, develop your unique strategy, and make a good chunk of money. The rules of blackjack in Chumba do not differ from any other casino.

The main objective is to beat the dealer. If you get 21 immediately, then you surely will not lose any money and in most cases win.

Considering the virtual currency system, you can use it to your convenience. For example, use free gold coins to develop your strategy first and then get down to earning money with Sweep cash.

Video Poker

A classic video poker game where you need to get a good combination of cards to win. There are five cards in total; they are automatically opened once you make a bet. Then, you click on the cards you wish to leave, and the ones you have not clicked will change for other ones. This gives a player extra chances to get a decent combination. The best one is “The Royal Flush,” of course.

The mobile version

The mobile version of Chumba is made with HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, which makes it compatible with all modern browsers. Right now, the Chumba casino does not have any special app to download, but the browser version works perfectly well. 

Everything is easy to navigate and browse through. One tip from me is that you should leave the auto-rotate option on as this way slots use the landscape application.

Customer help

Support works 24/7. There are different ways to get in touch with them:

  1. Their Facebook group
  2. Email

Sadly, there is no live chat option. Although, there is the FAQ where a lot of your questions are already answered by the casino support.

Should you try it?

In my opinion, you definitely should as it has already existed for several years, is legitimate,  and, what is more, is trustworthy.