Free Blackjack Games Online With No Downloads

Blackjack is a fantastically popular game, and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about land-based casinos or gambling websites. We are sure that you just can’t miss this game if you’re going to make money in a casino — it has quite simple rules, it’s not about random number only (unlike slots or video poker), and you can win real money playing it (and you can literally win millions if you prefer progressive blackjack).

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List of free blackjack games to play for fun now

But it isn’t only about playing for real money, of course. You can also play blackjack for free — it makes sense that it’s not profitable at all, but on the other hand, it’s impossible to lose your money playing them. Free blackjack has lots of other advantages — it’s fun, it’s a great method for those who want to try new strategies and to master your technique, and, well, you don’t have to spend money!

Here, we will not tell you all the blackjack secrets because we don’t know all of them. Instead, we’ll tell you something really useful.

First, we’ll show you the differences between the most popular types of this game (and we’ll also help you to choose the type of blackjack that will work best for you). Then, we’ll tell you the basics — the basic rules, hands, etc. If you’re not a beginner, you can skip this part and go directly to the part where we’ll present you the list of the coolest free blackjack games for fun. In the end, we’ll answer all the most frequently asked questions and of course, we’ll show you the list of the best free blackjack no download games. Interested? Well, then don’t waste any more time, read this whole article, and find the best free blackjack games right now!

Types of blackjack

Why we all love this game? Because it’s blackjack! It’s not like all those random number games (such as slots) where your skill doesn’t matter. It’s the game where your choices and your skills are extremely important — and whether you win or you lose depends on your skill as well as on your hand. You can improve your skills to win more often — and that’s probably the main reason why millions of people around the world love this game.

But the thing is, there are lots of types of this game — and before you start playing, you have to choose one of them. What are the main differences? Continue reading and find all the answers right here!

Classic. It’s the most popular type of blackjack, and your goal is to collect 21, but of course, not more than that. There are usually 1-8 decks in this type of game. Check the rules twice before you start playing this type of game — because there are lots of variations of it, and the rules can differ.

Progressive. The game itself is equal to the previous one, but there is one main difference: the jackpot! It’s the game that allows the players to win thousands and even millions of dollars — so if you prefer progressive games, you know which one to choose.

European. As we’ve said, when you play a traditional blackjack, there are usually 1-8 decks. The European version is always played with two decks — and it’s great because you can count cards easily. Well, not “extremely simple”, of course — because that’s not the game that can be called “extremely simple”. The dealer stands on soft 17s (we’ll talk about it later). The only problem of this type of game is that it’s impossible to use the hole carding strategy.

Atlantic City. The dealer stands on the same soft 17s as in the European type of blackjack, but the number of decks is high here (eight). Another important thing you have to know is: Aces can only be split once in this game. We can’t say that there are lots of huge differences between this game and, say, European type.

Multi-hand. It’s very similar to the classic blackjack, but, as you’ve probably guessed, here, you can play more than one hand — up to five, to be more precise. It’s extremely popular and available in the absolute majority of the gambling sites.

Pontoon. The same soft 17s, “Five Card Trick” hand, 10-valued cards can be split. If you have the same amount as the dealer has, he wins. The interesting feature of this game is that the more decks you play, the lower the house of an edge is.

Double exposure. It’s the game where you can see the cards of the dealer — so the number of the possible strategies is much higher here. Oh, and by the way, the house of an edge is extremely low here (0.67%), which means it’s the game that has one of the best odds. Well, the odds are a little lower than for blackjack Surrender, but they are much better than for some other popular casino games (such as slots or video poker).

Spanish. It’s probably the most interesting and the most unique type of this game. The dealer hits on a soft 17s, and the number of decks is eight (unlike some other popular types of blackjack). What’s more, you can surrender even if you’ve doubled down!

Surrender. It’s just what it sounds like — this game is perfect for all the smart players who want to quit without losing everything. The rules are actually similar to any other popular type of this game, but with one huge difference: you can surrender (there are two types of surrender, late and early) and thus save your money and reduce the house of edge. Wondering when to surrender? Then continue reading and we’ll answer this question!

Live game. Some specific details can vary, but there’s always one rule: the dealer is always real. This type of game doesn’t have any pros and cons (because there are lots of types of live blackjack), well, except for one thing: the atmosphere. Playing with a real dealer is probably the best thing you can do to feel exactly the atmosphere you feel in a real casino somewhere in Las Vegas. Isn’t it great? Oh, and of course, you can count cards when playing live blackjack!

How to win? Tips and strategies

Alright, now, when you know more about the types of this game, you probably have some other questions. What are the rules? Are there any working strategies? And, after all, how to win money?

We won’t tell you all the secrets here, of course. We don’t want to hide anything, of course — the thing is, we just don’t know them all (and no one does). Instead, we’ll tell you the basic rules and some most common strategies — so after reading them, you’ll be able to win real money (or to have fun playing free card game blackjack). Of course, they won’t make you a master — but they’ll make it much easier for you. Let’s start!


So, this card aims to obtain cards whose total score is 21. Of course, you can’t get 21 each time — in this case, your total score must be closer to 21 than the one of a dealer. If it’s 19 or 20, you win, if it’s 22 or 23, you lose — because when the total value of your cards is higher than 21, you lose (if one of the cards is Ace, it’s value changes from 11 to 1 if you have more than 21).

Here’s an example. You have 5 and Ace as initial cards (total 16). Then, you press the “Hit” button and take another card. Let’s assume it’s 10. In this case, the total number isn’t 26, it’s 16 — because the value of the Ace is changed to 1.

In such a case, the initial hand is called a “soft 16″— the word “soft” here means that you have an ace and another card, and it also means that you will not bust when you take an additional card, even if the total value exceeds 21 — because in such a case, the Ace will cost 1, not 11. There are soft 15s, 16s, 17s, 18s, 19s, 20s, and 21s — if you have two last combinations, you’ve already won (well, in 95% cases), but the other soft combinations require different actions. Thus, if you have an Ace and, say, 6 (it’s called a “soft 17”), you can hit and take another card — there are 31 cards that won’t make your hand worse, and 15 of them will even make it better. If you have a soft 17, hit. If you have a soft 16, 15, or 14, hit — the absolute majority of cards will not make the situation worse. Soft 18 needs some additional analysis — because if you have such a hand, your actions will depend on lots of other factors, such as the card the dealer shows you and how many decks do you play. We don’t recommend taking an additional card only if you have a soft 19 or 20 — because the first value is still higher than an average blackjack winning the hand (18,5), and the second one is almost perfect.

There are only 4 Aces, so there will likely be no Aces in your hand. Let’s assume that you have 8 and 9, 10 and 7, or 6, 5, 4, and 2 — the value of such combinations is 17, but we can’t call them soft, because there is no Ace. Such combinations are called “hard”, and the strategy when you have such hands is completely different from playing with soft hands.

Let’s continue with 8 and 9 (or any other combination which value is 17 in case if there is no Ace). In such a case, your first thought is to take the risk — well, the absolute majority of players have such thoughts, so you’ll most likely have them, too. But the thing is, you have to be careful. If you have small cards (say, 4, 2, 5, and 6) and take an additional card, you’ll most likely lose (probability theory, you know). If you have a hard 17, you have a 67,3% chance to bust — so, it makes no sense to hit with hard 17s from the mathematical point of view. If you have a hard 18, we highly recommend to stand — because the chances to bust are extremely high with such a combination. The same is about hard 19s and 20s.

If you have a hand without Aces and with a total value from 12 to 16, you have a “stiff” hand. Such hands have two problems. The first is that they are too low to win. The second is that 16 cards count 10 (10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings) — and getting any of them will make you bust out. There are lots of stiff hand strategies — some people say that “pictures follow pictures”, the others believe that if you have a stiff hand, you should never hit in order not to bust out. But the thing is, the only thing you have to do when having a stiff hand continues playing according to the basic strategies. It depends on the upcard of the dealer.

It’s just the basic information that will help you to start playing. Blackjack is one of those easy to learn, hard to master games — so if you want to become a pro player, you should do two things: learn the strategy and practice as often as possible.

But the problem is: it’s too expensive to practice as often as possible. Even the low stakes blackjack games have a minimum bet of $0.1, so you’ll most likely waste several dozens or even hundreds of dollars before you learn how to play. If you want to save money, we have something interesting for you — and this “something” is called free blackjack games for fun.

Why playing free?

Because you don’t have to spend real money, of course! That’s the main reason why both beginners and pro players love free blackjack. The thing is, it’s a great opportunity for the beginners to learn the rules, to practice, and to understand how this whole blackjack thing works. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity for the experienced players to improve their skills and to polish their strategies without losing money — so it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner. In both cases, you will love playing free blackjack games for fun.

And of course, you’ll love the simplicity. The thing is, you don’t even have to create an account to play such games — because the absolute majority of them need no registration. The same is about the download and making a dep — you just open the game page, click “Start” or “Play”, and start playing. It’s simple as that, as you can see.


📌 What is free bet blackjack?

Free bet blackjack is a game with the standard rules and the standard number of decks. However, there are some differences. Thus, this game offers more splits and doubles. It means that you can split your hand for free (without doubling a bet). Oh, and you can’t surrender when playing this type of game.

📌 How to play blackjack online for free?

It’s very simple — all you have to do is choose the game from our list and start playing! When you choose the game and open the game page, you’ll click the “play” button, choose your bet, and press “deal” or “start”. As you see, it’s extremely simple!

📌 Where can I play blackjack for free on the Internet?

Right here and right now. Basically, you only have to choose the game you like most and click on it — as we’ve said, no registration and no download is required, so you just have to choose the game and start playing. Our experts have found the most exciting blackjack online free games — so don’t miss them and start having fun right now!

📌 What are some casino sites where I can play blackjack for free?

There are lots of such sites — the thing is, all the types of blackjack are extremely popular, and the free version of this game is not an exception. If you’re looking for the best casino sites that offer free blackjack, we know how to help you — the UCE experts made the list of the safest casinos with the best reputation. Now, we’re happy to present this list for you!

📌 Where can I download free casino blackjack games?

Right here! If you want to download blackjack games on your smartphone or PC, we have something interesting for you, too. On this very page, you’ll find the best mobile apps and Windows clients — they all are safe, fair, trusted, and of course, extremely exciting!

📌 Is there free video blackjack games online where you win real money?

Yes! Lots of casinos offer a no deposit bonus — it’s a bonus that is given to all the new players, and, as its name implies, you don’t have to make a dep to get this extra. These extras are most often given to the slot players, but lots of casinos have such offers for blackjack fans as well. Choose one of the games with such bonuses from our list, meet the requirements, win real money, and cash the winnings out!

📌 What is the best free blackjack game?

As we’ve said, our experts have found the best free blackjack games. All of them are good, exciting, and interesting. However, there is the leader — thousands of our customers love the X game most, according to the customer ratings. Try this fantastic game right now — it’s 100% free and it requires no registration!