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Why are poker slots so popular? Why free poker is worth your attention? How to choose the best game? All the answers are waiting for you here. Let’s start!

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List of free video poker games to play now

How to play it?

All the combinations are extremely easy to remember, especially after a few games. The rarer the combination, the larger the gain – it’s a rule. If there is a joker, it’s easier to make a strong hand. But, as a rule, it’s paid at the lowest rate ratio.

What are the main rules of the game? After setting the bet, you need to press the “Deal” button. Then you’ll receive 5 open cards from a deck of 52 cards (or 53/54 if you play with jokers). By pressing the “Hold” button or simply by clicking on the card, you’ll hold cards that you don’t want to exchange. Next, push the “Deal” button, and the unfixed cards will be replaced.

If you get a winning combination, you’re offered to take a chance and increase the possible winnings. So you can either double the win by clicking “Double”, or pick up the initial win by clicking on the “Collect” button.

If you decide to take a risk and press “Double”, then 5 cards will appear on the screen with an open leftmost card. You need to choose only one card of the remaining ones. If your card chosen is larger than the open card, then the win will double. If it is smaller, you’ll lose the win. If the cards are the same, it’s a draw.

You may use a “double-up” function several times while playing free video poker. In some versions, you can risk not the entire amount of winnings, but only half of it (“Doble-Half”). There is an opportunity to increase the gain by 4 times: you need to guess the suit of the closed card.

Different types of this game

5-card draw poker is the most simple type of free online video poker. Most of the poker slots are made on its basis. The difference is in options such as choosing the number of hands, exchanges, and folds in each round. Let’s dwell on the most common types of free video poker:

  • Jacks or Better: any cards combination whose rank is higher than two jacks can make a win.
  • Double Bonus: its basis is the Jacks or Better. So, to obtain the win you need a hand of no less than a pair of jacks. The game Double Bonus provides various payments for Four of Kind combinations. Thus, if you have four aces, you’ll get the biggest prize (except for winning the Royal Flush).
  • Joker Poker: a deck of 53 cards is involved in the game, as well as a joker, which, acting as a wild symbol, can replace any card in combination before the winning one. Each casino has its own rules on joker use, which may vary.
  • Deuces Wild: this type provides a peculiar payout system. In this game, you get a lot of opportunities to win, because all cards of 2s are wildcards (similar to the joker).
  • All American: this is a widespread version of Jacks or Better with increased payouts for flushes, straights, and straight flushes.
  • Fans of video poker can also enjoy more traditional types of this game.
  • Texas Hold’em is perfect for those who are just starting to play video poker free, thanks to the incredible prevalence and simpler rules. Texas Hold’em differs from 5-card draw poker by using seven cards for making combinations and the inability to exchange or fold them. The players obtain 2 cards each, 5 cards in 3 stages in the open form are laid out on the table (and you can use any of the 7 cards to compose one of the high combinations). In Texas poker, the winner is the one who collects the strongest hand in comparison with the rivals, or if the rivals fold.
  • Omaha Poker provides players with 4 cards each, and 5 cards are opened in 3 stages. To make a combination, you need to use 2 of your cards and 3 from the open set. The strongest hand wins.
  • Seven-card stud is a game version where players receive 7 cards in 5 stages. The first two and the last are visible only to the player, the other 4 – to all other participants. Bidding is held before the formation of the bank. In turn, it is divided into 2 popular modifications – Stud (only high hands are used) and Razz (the lowest combination wins).

Some useful tips

Lots of players think that video poker is a very difficult game. That’s not true. You can be a very successful player if you learn some of the game secrets. Poker requires you not only good luck but also some skills and strategy. This is important even if you’re going to play for free and don’t plan to spend money. Winning is nicer than losing anyway.

Here are some useful tips that will allow you to win more often:

  • If a strong hand is formed after the deal, don’t make an exchange – the probability of getting a stronger set is low.
  • Change not one but two cards. This enlarges your chance to collect a better hand.
  • When a straight is opened in the middle, it’s more convenient to fold the cards, leaving one pair.
  • Try not to divide strong pairs – this gives the casino a good advantage.
  • Try to collect the unfinished straights and flushes, changing the extra card that doesn’t participate in the prize set.
  • Always set a limit on acceptable loss.
  • Fold completely the bad hands, if possible.

You must understand which hands to hold, and which ones should be folded to get a stronger combination. In order not to lose and not to get a weak set, you can hold the pairs, triples, quads, incomplete sets of the same suit without exchange.

Why playing this game is a good idea?

First, because it’s free. No losses, no regrets about the money spent, no disappointments – only pure pleasure, relax, and enjoyment.

It’s easy and fun – no downloads and deposits are needed, you just select the slot machine and start the game! The casino performs the role of the opponent.

The victory or defeat depends on the player’s actions. The user completely controls result (except for the deal). This is the main benefit.

There is no need for four-flush to deceive the opponent because there is simply no opponent. Also, you don’t need to count up the opponent’s cards, and spend time and energy on solving his tactics.

Yes, the free game doesn’t bring real payouts to users. But still, you can try video poker slots before making a bet, check gameplay options, evaluate returns and, what is more important, develop your poker strategy to correctly manage a bankroll.


📌 Where can I practice video poker online for free?

Right here. We provide you with list of links to the most sought-after slot machines for online free video poker with no downloads and deposits. Check them out right now, follow the links and choose the best ones from our collection.

📌 How realistic are free video poker games?

The design of the video poker slots quite realistically reproduces the process of the real game. The screen shows the cards owned by the user. The interface also contains indicators with which you can track the current rate and the amount of winnings. The only difference is the absence of real opponents. This is rather an advantage because it eliminates the possibility of fraud and bluffing.

📌 What is the best free play video poker?

According to the experienced American players, the best choice for online free video poker is All American Poker. This is the popular version of Jacks or Better game where the players receive bigger winnings for common strong combinations.

📌 How to play free video poker?

It is enough to run one of the games presented in free video poker on our site and play for free with a demo account. Here you can also find a detailed description of the rules of the game and useful tips for getting a win.

📌 What are the best free poker sites?

You can find lists of the best sites for playing online poker for free on the pages of each of the video poker games. All of these sites provide their users with an honest and exciting game that does not require any investment and costs from you.

📌 Where can I play poker for free and win money?

Check out the reviews of the most reliable online casinos with a no deposit bonus on our website and choose the most suitable casino for you. All of them have a wide selection of slots machines for both free video poker and video poker games for real money.